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"Govt To Blame For Transport Chaos"

The Passengers Association of Zimbabwe (PAZ) says the Government should reverse its decision to monopolise public transport.

In 2020 the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works ordered all players in the public transport sector to join the Zimbabwe United Passengers Company (ZUPCO) franchise or take their vehicles off the road.

According to PAZ president Tafadzwa Goliati, the move created a transport crisis, resulting in the emergence of a thriving illegal taxi business (mushikashika). Said Goliati:

The economy is opening up and transport is an integral part of the economy. There is a need for adequate transport for everyone.

Schools and other sectors of the economy have reopened and some buses which are under ZUPCO have returned to rural areas or highway routes, so there is a need to increase transport operators.

Monopoly in a country like Zimbabwe will only create illegal taxis, and there is a need for the government to rectify the issue.

A Harare commuter, Enock Hore, accused the Government of making their lives difficult by creating a monopoly in the transport sector. He said:

Government should be blamed for creating chaos in the transport sector.

ZUPCO buses are not reliable and most of the buses plying urban routes are not in good condition.

Instead of protecting its citizens, our government has a penchant for making our lives more difficult.

In his pre-recorded Workers’ Day speech, President Emmerson Mnangagwa accused illegal transport operators of “stealing” from workers. He said:

The second republic is determined to retain the purchasing power of workers, through viable public transport systems.

Government will not stand by and watch while the hard-earned incomes of our workers are being stolen by mushikashika and makoronyera. No!

You, as our workers, deserve an efficient and affordable transport system so that production time, as well as your family time, is not lost in transport queues.

During peak hours, workers must be transported with the greatest ease.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) recently launched an operation targetting mushikashika and illegal hawkers.

Police arrested at least 70 drivers of pirate taxis and their unregistered vehicles were impounded on Sunday.

The operation has worsened the transport challenges being faced by commuters in urban areas, especially in Harare and Bulawayo.

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Asalif 2 weeks ago

liberalization of the country commuter transport system again is the only good thing to do because Zupco monopoly is incapacitated period

Nyamadzao 2 weeks ago

Zvaora izvo

Dr Hercules 2 weeks ago

The whole idea is a mess ,if the parastatal does not have resources to service all the urban routes the gvt should allow private players to operate.Command transport will never work more especially if the parastatal is broke

Joe 2 weeks ago

It will never work.You buses can be new and the fares cheapest but vanhu havadi zvekumbunyanidzwa kudzero dzavo.

Concerned citizen 2 weeks ago

Zupco inspector are harassing conductor in front of passengers in the name of supervising but maitiro avaonita lacks professionalism. We were delayed for more than 1 hour with those guyz vachitsvagira conductor mhosva but later vakazoshaya mhosva yacho futi nxaa


Chawabvunza 2 weeks ago

Old People's Home governments started destroying ZUPCO soon after Independence when they started commandering Salisbury United buses, now ZUPCO, to forego their routes and ferry their fans to political party rallies for no payment at all. Salisbury United Bus Company, now christened ZUPCO, fleet of buses started to delapidate with age and misuse. No new buses were being bought. The so called new administration made it worse by monopolising transport system. They ordered all private buses and combis to join ZUPCO and banned those who refused to cooperate. ZUPCO has very few buses which can not cope with the traveling public at any one time. I was infuriated to hear His Excellency President ED MNANGAGWA saying he wanted to retain citizens' buying power by improving ZUPCO services. . Which buying power is he going to retain when all citizens buying power has been eroded by inflation and highest prices ? Intimidating business executives, blaming opposition parties for sanctions and blaming NGOS for interfering with our politics does not solve our problems. Government must adopt us$ as our currency and continue using our RTGS as change. Citizens are tired of continuosly being lied to. They have awoken from their slumber. They now want real change and not peanut butter or pseudo change !!!!!


Asalif 2 weeks ago

have been forced to read

cute 2 weeks ago

its too long to read

Joe Brownn 2 weeks ago

you nailed it, well articulated!!

putin 2 weeks ago

chaooora ichiiiiii



chatikobo 2 weeks ago

Ngava piwe mamwe ma bus ne Belarus

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