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Govt Suspends Over 1 000 Teachers Over 'Incapacitation'

Govt Suspends Over 1 000 Teachers Over 'Incapacitation'

The Government has suspended more than 1 000 teachers for three months for failing to report for duty during the 2022 first term.

The teachers, who cited incapacitation, refused to work when the 2022 first term commenced and were then directed to report for duty by 22 February or face suspension.

Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) president, Obert Masaraure confirmed the suspensions. He said:

Overall, 1 000 teachers were suspended for three months without pay with 55 members coming from ARTUZ.

The government is acting like a slave driver who disregards the teachers’ rights.

What they only want is for teachers to work without raising a red flag about the working conditions.

We are still languishing in poverty as the parallel market exchange rate has skyrocketed to US$1:ZWL$300 as we are getting less than ZWL$250 per month for our toil.

Masauraure also decried the Government’s failure to fulfil its commitment to pay fees for three biological children for teachers. He said:

We have made partial payments to various schools that our children attend but nothing has been paid for as our children were returned home for not paying full fees.

How can we continue negotiating with an employer that continues to put fake promises on the table?

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe secretary-general Raymond Majongwe said teachers will not be intimidated by the government. He said:

We are not bothered and worried by the government’s antics of intimidating union bodies, headmasters and unleashing youth militia on teachers in rural areas.

We will weather the storm and fight for our members’ plight.

The suspended teachers were demanding the restoration of their US$540 pre-October 2018 salaries.

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Joe Brownn 1 month ago

I feel pity for teachers ED doesn't care about their plight because he's only concerned about power and looting.

eldha 1 month ago

Nyika iyi mongoida henyu bt haaaaaaaa no this is not it ....these pple are evil ungati ndivo vanonyengera satan mazanu such broad daylight....and have you pple noticed kt Zimbabwe inobata maforeigners like eggs bt isu tikaenda kune dzimwe nyika toitwa yese yese.....zvkusvika pakti even in our own country tinosvika pakubatwa junkies with those in power and hu abuse it on us....Tts ndichiti ngaapinde hake for I have 2 good days thinking of how families and marriages have vanished, collapsed and deteriorated the numbers are so escalating, at the same time early marriages prostitution..robberies...that bond yaiitwa kudhara hakuchina pple are hustling muzvi *R* imomu....couples staying away (distanced) for more than 1yr be it new married or difference....the madalas are still working pension funds acho akadhakwa...kufa uchishanda sewachi.....we need our bread basket of Africa back....hatingaoneri life kunext door not this time....we are putting to much effort for our sustainability....if this effort was to be put on a well economy Zimbabwe would be far away developed and with plenty of riches *Canaan* milk and honey
Right now munhu ane degree reA/C ari padoor reZupco apa haasi kubhadharwa inokwana
Inflation is sky rocketing and you think printing new notes will solve we saw this in 07/08 it won't work actually you are catalysing inflation
Civil servant is going for side hustle vamwe arikumakomba muri ikuda kunodya
You pple took power wen evrything was in place and running bt ryt now mvura chaiyo toudza zvemaborehole are you for real 🤔
...olk fine lets say what you are saying is true which we know it's not of giving free education be it at watever stage...then what, right now with the number yekadzidza plus yacho ye free motiitisei zvimwe muchiti totamba
With the looting tts done in Zimbabwe as compared to the population..munhu wese anokwanisa kuva ne1million USD then the rest modya henyu bt problem they don't have pple at heart
So tikutsvirei 1 haisi tea,2.haina sugar, 3.kkupisa ft motipfekedzajuzi plus machira pmsoro *HAIKONA*
*sikuka mwana wezimbabwe, sukhuma t'ana wasekhaya, let all stand up Zimbabwe...*
New baby born 🐣🐥
Yellow nation


Chawapiwa 1 month ago

The Old People's Home is fast making enemies than it making friends. it is going to be shocked at the Harmonised Elections in 2023. It is destroying Education Sector like they destroyed Health Sector where Doctors and Nurses ended up migrating to overseas for greener pastures. There are no drugs in their hospitals. We already have a shortage of teachers. They are sending 500 to Reanda and the Ministry Of Education has suspended 1000 for three months. The Old People's Home is misgoverning the country. It must go at the Harmonised Elections.

THE FIEND 1 month ago

US$540.00 simple.

Machiavelli 1 month ago

You can shoot the Messenger
But you cannot shoot the message

The country has gone to the dogs.

Muku Jnr 1 month ago

This Techer-Gvt war will never end. More dangerous than the Russian-Ukraine war because its effects might be felt tomorrow(near future). Our kids future is at risk. Cry our beloved Country. Lord heal our Land

1 month ago

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