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Govt Suspends Import Duty On Public Service Buses

Govt Suspends Import Duty On Public Service Buses

The government has gazetted Statutory Instrument 138 of 2022 which suspends import duty for approved importers of buses.

According to the new regulations, approved importers are public bus operators duly registered in terms of Part III of the Road Motor Transportation Act (Chapter 13:15).

Bus operators will, however, not be allowed to import more than 20 public service buses in any twelve-month period beginning on 1 August 2022. Part of SI 138 of 2022 reads:

Customs duty shall be suspended on importation of public service buses imported by approved importers in terms of this section at a customs duty rate of zero per centum.

An approved importer shall be allowed to import not more than twenty (20) public service buses in any twelve-month period beginning 1st July, 2022.

The Secretary for Transport and Infrastructural Development shall, on a case-by-case basis, recommend to the Commissioner qualifying public service bus operators duly registered in terms of Part III of the Road Motor Transportation Act (Chapter 13:15).

A public service bus shall be admitted under suspension of duty only if the approved importer has furnished to the satisfaction of the Commissioner.

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ZIMBA🇿🇼OG 2 months ago

Jah Tsvarie ,,, Sonboy Chinembiri ,, Blue ,, VYBZ Kartel they ddnt see this coming

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

If public buses are meant for urban transport 🤔 then how are they gonna know that those buses are put that use.
jus thinking loud
maybe that's the for reason for vetting kwazi bani 🥱 eish ubuthongo bungenzela phansi...

(for) cancelled 2 months ago


Sku 2 months ago

Yaah true they need to vet the importers otherwise we will be seeing those buses on sale here on car by car sellers like what has happened with civil servants who have been allowed to import cars duty free all those cars are now on sale at car sales around the city can Zimra go and audit where did those car sallers got those cars and if the paid duty for them coz its a serious offense to invade duty taxes.

Sabhuku 2 months ago

@Sku it's better maCevil servant vadye mari yacho yaifanira kubhadharwa duty bcz gvmnt haina zvairikuita kana tikaipa mari yacho. besides munhu anoita zvaanoda nePriviledge yake

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

so be it 🙏🏽 @ Sku...

Ras Tiraz 2 months ago

This is a good thing

Changamire Dombo 2 months ago

A good initiative but wrong timing.


xoxo 2 months ago

why not let anyone who wants to venture into that business import. why creating an oligopoly market, we need competition

№####### 2 months ago

I don't think there anything stopping anyone from being in this business except funds,if you have your own cash just join a franchise in the transport sector,it's way better than doing everything yourself.

xoxo 2 months ago

franchises are very rare in Zimbabwe as most businesses are run along family lines. you have funds you want to start but you are not registered yet because you are not operating how can you qualify

i 2 months ago

kana mari iripo hapana chinoramba Iko kuregister kwacho hakutonetsi hatidi vanochema vasina kumbotoedza . bvunzai kuti zvinofambiswa sei then mobatsirwa

VZ 2 months ago

vafunga kupinza avo mabhazi manje vakubvisa import duty, every move these guys do is to self enrich themselves, relatives & close friends. iwe neni wanga nhamo ndiyo ndiyo.

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