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Govt Sets Aside ZW$1.4 Billion For Political Parties Funding

Govt Sets Aside ZW$1.4 Billion For Political Parties Funding

The government has set aside one ZW$1.4 billion towards the financing of political parties under the Political Parties Finance Act for the year 2023.

The money will be disbursed to political parties that qualify in terms of the Political Parties Finance Act, ZBC News reported citing General Notice 2815 of 2022 published on Friday in which the Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Ziyambi Ziyambi said:

It is hereby notified, in terms of section 3 (2) of the Political Parties (Finance) Act [chapter 2.04], that the total amount of money payable to political parties in respect of the year beginning 1st January, 2023, and ending on the 31st December, 2023, is one billion four hundred and eight million, three hundred and ninety-two thousand dollars only.

The money shall be disbursed to political parties that qualify in terms of section 3 (3) of the Act as follows-( a) Nine hundred and eighty-five million eight hundred and seventy-four thousand four hundred dollars ($985 874 400.00) shall be paid to the Zimbabwe African National Union (Patriotic Front) ZANU (PF) which received 70.03% of the votes cast and (b) four hundred and twenty-two million five hundred and seventeen thousand six hundred dollars (422 517 600.00) shall be paid to the Movement for Democrat Change-(MDC), which received 29.97% of the total votes cast.

Based on 2018 harmonised elections results, ZANU PF is entitled to ZW$985 million, while the MDC, which polled 29.97% will get ZW$422 million.

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Passpatoo 4 weeks ago

Hope on the gravvy train...

Mai Ro 4 weeks ago

This is taxpayers money stolen by treasury from the public. Imari yenyika yakabiwa naVAMTULI ncube saka vakuchiipa kuna vamnangagwa navamwonzora kuti vachigovana.

4 weeks ago

In real money thats 1.2 million shuwa this country is a shame

Nimrod 4 weeks ago

This is the proverbial last supper for one of the two political parties above. Mombe yekuronzerwa ndeye kukama wakatarisa nzira.

Patriot 4 weeks ago

Get well soon Job. Family is greater than politics.

Maparamuro 4 weeks ago

Svinurai ma Zimbo. Hondo is not with Dougie, he is a diversion and sadly many are focusing on him

Joseph 4 weeks ago

You are right. Douggie is a pawn in the game of chess

4 weeks ago

True man Let's keep our eyes on the ball


4 weeks ago

600 kwana iwe usade kutengesera vanhu zvipoto zvako

Mota ye600 4 weeks ago

Chikanga asi nekuti engine inoita 500

MuSabatha(SDA) 4 weeks ago

Apostle Chiwenga was right, Zimbabwe is cursed zvemashuwa. Izvezvi the people who connived to rig and steal the people's vote are set to share that amount leaving the right people the voters voted for with nothing. We need to pull up our socks guys, tirikurwa nembavha chaidzo....

Thity pieces of silver 4 weeks ago

Judas Iscariot went and bought a field with the loot he got from his deal with the authorities and later he was buried in the same field so shall they bury someone in the same farm they are going to buy with that loot.

gg 4 weeks ago

These useless elections are the source of our problems. All these parties are busy talking about elections while the economy is dying

🌛🌛🌛 4 weeks ago

iko ccc?

3 weeks ago

Maloarn ema USA
Povo yopihwa urubvu urubvu mbwe bond

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