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Govt Says Working On Civil Servants' Salary Adjustment

Govt Says Working On Civil Servants' Salary Adjustment

Finance and Economic Development Minister Mthuli Ncube said that the Government is currently engaged in negotiations with unions representing civil servants over a salary adjustment.

Ncube revealed this while responding to Mbizo MP Settlement Chikwinya (CCC) who had asked to know what the Government was doing to ensure civil servants are paid living wages.

In his question directed at Ncube during the question and answer session in the National Assembly on Wednesday, Chikwinya said:

In view of the dwindling levels of the quality of life where poverty is on the increase, is the government able to provide solutions with regard to the current economic challenges which we are facing in the country?

In his response, Ncube said the existing salary structure of US dollars and Zimbabwe dollars being used by the Government would continue. He said:

We have pursued largely a two-pronged strategy for salaries only, the monetary benefits. We have a ZWL component and we have a USD component.

We introduced the USD component in order to manage the inflationary pressures that civil servants are facing.

The first thing we did was to introduce the USD75 amount as part of the COVID-19 risk allowance measures and then we added USD100 per person.

As I speak, we are seized with discussions with the leaders of the civil service in terms of the union to agree on a new package.

We are working hard on it and will also be beneficiaries of those discussions.

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe Professional Nurses Union (ZPNU) has advised the Health Services Board that its members would go on strike next Monday next week citing “incapacitation”.


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Cde Gabarinocheka 1 week ago

Ukawana panobika iba, ndomashoko angu ekupedzisira

mafia economy 1 week ago

gadzirisa economy ndopane nyaya . this scenario has been going on and on since , and it seems you have no solution to it Mthuli Sir . remember the unemployed , pensioners ,widows , the aged etc need to survive .fix the economy , stabilize prices ,get rid of the black market Mafia of which big guys are involved

mwana wevhu 1 week ago

linox ...kkkkk asi yawandisa kani kkk

mdara loli pop 1 week ago

Mthuli anorwara ne pfungwa zvema chokwadi chokwadi

Mwana Wevhu 1 week ago

..... kkkkkk kkkkkk kkkkkk kkkkkk zveZim zvakaoma..... interbank rate ______1US equivalent to 350 rtgs and black market _____ 1US______ is equivalent to 550rtgs apa nurse arikuwana 30 000rtgs ....which means that nurse anenge Aine 88 US .....pamari iyoyo anoda Rent ___10US , anoda grocery re60Us , anoda school fees yevana 3 ____ 50Us, yeMvura nemagetsi ____20US , yeTransport yekuenda kubasa ____ 10Us .... ... so chindiudzai kuti 30 000 rtgs inokwana zvingani apa

linox 1 week ago

àaaa rent ye 10us imba yakadii iyoyo

NationalStrategy 1 week ago

Gvt says No Work No Pay


Isuwo No Pay No Work

Parents will feel it nemaPrivate Lessons. Survival of the fittest


Chawabvunza 1 week ago

Who is fooling who, imported Mr Mthuli Ncube ? Which associations are you discussing with if nurses have threaten to go on strike next Monday and teachers have also insinuated that they will embark on a strike if 17 June 2022 passes without a solution to their salaries ? Mr Ncube must not speak as if he is speaking with people recently discharged from Ingutheni , Mental Health Hospital !!!!!






Melissa Temba 1 week ago

this guy has failed all civil servants, go in the streets. tools down everybody.

Maparamuro 1 week ago

Pamberi ne bhora musango

Jorijo 1 week ago

My big bro with all the respect honoured by Zimbabweans to u,you say this again to the worker. Until when are u going to sort this? Is there any compensation for wasted worker's time n efforts without reasonable salary. Vakuru ityai mwari, variko kudenga muchazvionawo rimwe zuva

Bläskøshto 1 week ago

always quaking..****en lil ducks 🦆 quack quack quack

SEER 1 week ago

l doubt if Mthuli has blood in his veins, $30?????

dck 1 week ago

matalks acho haaperi kusvika gore rapera vachingoita matalks chabuda hapana

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