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Govt Says The Power Situation To Significantly Improve

Govt Says The Power Situation To Significantly Improve

The Permanent Secretary for Energy and Power Development, Dr Gloria Magombo has said power supplies are set to normalise from today after almost a week of exceptionally high-level load shedding.

The power transmission and distribution arm of ZESA attributed the prolonged blackouts to breakdowns of four generation units at Hwange Thermal Power Station and a far smaller challenge at Kariba South last weekend.

Speaking on Tuesday 29 September 2022 in the capital after yesterday’s Cabinet meeting, Dr Magombo, said:

The situation which we have had in the past week or so is that we had lost a number of units at Hwange which were due for service.

These are occurrences which have been happening over the past couple of months due to the age of the equipment and we have also had a challenge or two in Kariba. We have managed to restore one of the units back in service. The situation was exaggerated on Tuesday when we had a system fault which took the whole system out which lasted for about four and half hours.

By end of day yesterday, we had two units in Hwange that were in service with about 245MW added to the grid. This still caused serious load shedding because the supply-demand gap was much higher than normal.

We are working on another two units in Hwange, Unit 4 and Unit 2 which will be coming back by Friday (today). By tomorrow we will have at least four units in service in Hwange which will give us almost 400MW and this power shortage will ease and significantly improve the supply situation in the country.

Magombo said a bush fire on the main grid along the Alaska-Warren line Number 2 shut down that line and consequently, a number of other lines were lost including those bringing in imports.

She added:

1). all 7 units in Kariba were restored within four and half hours together with the imports and the independent power producers managed to come in.

2). Units 3 and 4 in Hwange were now firing and feeding the grid.

3). Thermal units took longer to bring up to full output even when repaired.

4). Unit 7 at Hwange was above 95 per cent complete and the commissioning of completed circuits has already started.

5). Unit 7 would be supplying a commercial load of 300MW into the system by November while Unit 8 will be completed by the end of the first quarter of next year.

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ahh 1 month ago

saka pese apa mamusiri kuona kuti zvoda service

tru 1 month ago

service ipiko kunge vanhu vekuchurch kana chinhu chikafa vanoti vaendesa ku service🤣. zvanga zvafa izvo varikutoita repairing. ungati zvinhu zvakadiiwa navachena zvangaramba zvichingonzi service kwani

Sabhuku 1 month ago

Kutanga next month munhu wese isa kashagi pa syd uchiwunganidza mbichana mbichana kutenga ka solar kit kako. TV set, lights ne laptop package haid**** zvekudaro. Rainy season is upon us, musanyengerwa ne ZESA. Ngavasatopihwe ma bonus zve gore rino

Angry Citizen 1 month ago

Ma statements havashayi zvavo,since 2006 angori ma statements ega ega, ko zvamaitivimbisa kut muchajekesa nyika yese nemagetsi zvakazodii, u hve failed and u wil always fail, this country is deteriorating day by day, vazukuru vedu vachapinda busy kugadzirisa nyika iyi, they are going to regard us as failures jus like zvatinongoita lobengula zviya.

VYBZ KARTEL 1 month ago

ZESA yet to issue an apology for the day. Perhaps the spokesperson is off duty.

citizen 1 month ago

All forms of energy should be cheaper and guaranteed in the country. This will be good for the economy. Any wise gvt must know this.

Tru 1 month ago

avakutoenda zviritori worse kudzima pakati pehusiku. vanozoita kunhe varikutaura nevana vadokk chaivo


Citizen 1 month ago

Aah bush electricians. We need professionals.

Kule Kule 1 month ago

Muzukuru chero ukatsveta ma genius mune zvema getsi it wont work as long zano ichipo. Simpuu


Doctor Magombo, citizens are sick and tired of your this and that antics. You hardly spend a week without coming up with excuses.

ZESA is one of the worst departments in this rotten ZANU PF Government. Your tarifs are now lucrative and you now raise them every monthend. I do not see why you fail to revamp the whole system.

Zimbabwe is now a laughing stock across the Zambezi River. They are alarmed by the frequency of our breake downs. They correctly apportion them to the quality of our leadership.



Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Imwe Mbeu 1 month ago

Ndiye sarai ZESA uya, another National Blackout 🤭

CCC 1 month ago

Let's separate economics from politics.Power failure has nothing to do with Zanu Pf.Direct all your grievances and pleas to ZESA, we're tired of masqueraders pretending to be concerned about power crisis yet they have hidden political agendas to pursue.

S 1 month ago

ZANU Ndiyo irikutonga Nyika. Saka ndiyo iri responsible neMAGETSI eNYIKA musada kunzvenga your responsibility. Handiti ndimi makati muno zvigona. Kana matadza LEAVE vanozvigona vaTONGE . CCC of course.

cathrine 1 month ago

dont believe a word they say

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