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Govt Says Private Contractors Are Withdrawing Their Buses From ZUPCO

Govt Says Private Contractors Are Withdrawing Their Buses From ZUPCO

The Government has admitted that some private contractors have withdrawn their buses and commuter omnibuses from the ZUPCO pool.

While it has not been stated why bus and kombi owners walked away from the ZUPCO franchise, it is understood that late payments, which are made in RTGS dollars, contributed to transporters’ reluctance to work with the public transport utility.

Addressing journalists during a post-Cabinet briefing in Harare on Tuesday, Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Service Minister Monica Mutsvangwa said:

Cabinet wishes to clarify that Government has not banned the operations of private contractors in the public transportation sector.

While noting the apparent withdrawal of services by some operations, Cabinet wishes to state that no effort is being spared in ensuring that the inconvenience to the travelling public is minimised.

Government would like to assure the nation that ZUPCO is engaging with contractors with a view to ensuring that all arrears are settled and resolving any outstanding matters.

In addition, more ZUPCO buses that were undergoing licencing have since been cleared and are now plying various routes.

Commuters have been experiencing transport challenges, especially in urban areas since the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) launched an operation targeting unlicensed taxis (mushikashika).

Mutsvangwa said Cabinet decided that ZUPCO buses plying intercity routes, such as from Harare to Bulawayo, are now required to service local trips when they return from the highways. She said:

ZUPCO buses that are travelling on intercity routes are now required to undertake local trips upon return.

Mutsvangwa warned that the Government will not relent on its blitz against unlicensed vehicles that have filled the transport void created by the kombi ban. Mutsvangwa said:

Government has, however, noted with concern the proliferation of unlicensed vehicles (mushikashika) and unroadworthy vehicles commuting various routes.

The public is informed that Government, through the Zimbabwe Republic Police, will enforce the law without fear or favour for the safety of the travelling public. All vehicles without number plates will be impounded.

In 2020, the  Government enforced ZUPCO’s transport monopoly through Statutory Instrument (SI) 83 of 2020.

It said the move was aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus but critics argue that the ban on private buses and kombis was meant to manage the public transport sector following the January 2019 fuel riots.

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😖😖 1 week ago

@ Lacoste. Then u are totally deaf, **** and blind.....

Lacoste 1 week ago

But Zanu bho. Ini handioni paikutadza

Dhuterere 1 week ago

Noone cares coz most of these senior gvt officials use top of the range vehicles which are serviced and fueled using the very taxpayer who is spending hours in queues to get home

rebhara 1 week ago

kkkkk vakuru vanosetsa ava.
vote CCC for real change

dira rizare 1 week ago

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk vanhu vapopota but anyway dira hako rizare

zupco contractor 1 week ago

we aren't buying spares parts using ecocash or bond note which we charge customers.muri kuti shandisa.shandisai ma zupco enyu


jukwa 1 week ago

zanu yatadza kutonga nyika iyi uyo ati 2008 2018 zvavakaita zvekuuraya vanhu hakuchina toda kuzviona kana pachifiwa pachafiwa remember ukraine and Russia musafunga kut zanu yega ndoinoita zvainoda nevanhu vanhu ndevamwari nyika ndeyamwari zanu yakasvika zviripo chayo kudzvanyirira vanhu moses akabuda mueygipt asina mauto kana chii zvacho saka musapika toitonga vote chamisa for real change ccc

Wave 1 week ago

A clueless bunch of greedy liers & thugs. We're being governed by a group of politically, economically and socially emaciated individuals, who care about nothing but their selfish goals!

Harry Potter 1 week ago

Zvakangooma hazvo, dira rizare

Aiwa ka 1 week ago

if they want to succeed with Zupco ka. Pay workers nice wages. Have a lot of nice "roadworthy" buses and vehicles. Mukaita kana 2000 maBuses nemaKombis zvobudirira. Munobvisa private sector mu Game. I understand kuti Zupco is cheap and in a way safe, but most people now opt for the privates because they're faster. Mukaisa a fleet of nice, new buses semaDragon aya aya. Pane pasisina need yemaPrivate Sector. Look at countries like UK, Finland they've only registered fleets of public transport. Mushikashika causes congestion tese tozviziva izvi. Saka put Zupco in place ka. Matadza nyika. You're busy buying $800 000 cars instead of buses for the masses. Makadhakwa. Hamuna vanhu at heart. Hameno tongoti vote CCC because Zanu yacho yatadza

VYBZ KHARTEL 1 week ago

It is true that this government buys buses in drips and drops, pays its workers in drips and drops and pays operators in drips and drops. Therefore, they must go !!!!!

Chombo 1 week ago


Chombo 1 week ago


Chombo 1 week ago


Chombo 1 week ago


🤦 1 week ago

bring back private sactor transport, isn't it Zim is open for business

Dr Boogie 1 week ago

These people are three crazy.They should all go under psycological check up. If not we are all dead. Just a priscription.

😖😖 1 week ago

chavanogona kutakura vanhu from Beitbridge to Harare vachinzi handei ku Rally only kut vaone stadium yakazara. failed Mr Mtongi

Boy 1 week ago

This lady anotaura ndove pupu chaiyo
police are not targeting unlisenced taxes only but any private transporter that ferries vanhu

Chidhongi 1 week ago

They are confused people. The whole Cabinet set down to speak about Urburn transport . Its a shame i tell you.

Mujumba 1 week ago

ummmmmm Zanu Pf panext yr apa chero mukaita chikiribidi chipi hamuchatongi zve chisingaperi chinoshura apa ana Goriati penyu papers

Zim 1 1 week ago

rubbish, musasanganisa nyaya we are talking about poor service on transport ,dai mafamba nemabus mungadai musinga hukuri zvauri kuita Mutsvangwa

pinocchio 1 week ago

Real Madrid won 3-1 and qualified into final

tyorai Salah zvekare 1 week ago

muitei Samson choruwa vhuna gumbo mufainari

Jack Bauer 1 week ago

Madrid yakaita sei nezuro vanhu

Mccry 1 week ago

Are Trip buses that ply Chitungwiza --Harare road worth.Unroadyworth buses are from zupco.

nc 1 week ago

government ino nonoka kubhadhara unotoita loss. ini ndaitakura ma inputs Ku GMB e pfumvudza asi mari yacho haisati yauya nanhasi apa rate yakakwira kana vaka bhadhara ikozvino mari yacho haicha kwana kutenga fuel yandaka shandisa.

jb 1 week ago

kunyepa hakuzodawo chembere weduwee

VYBEZ KARTEL 1 week ago


Thula Msindo 1 week ago

🐿️The epitome of cluelessness, confusion and hardheartedness-ZANUPF government. Not even genuinely touched by the plight of the citizens. Nyarai mhani🐒
🐩Hey Wena Monica, Thula Msindo🦍

factos 1 week ago

to be ruled by machembere it's a taboo

Mkanya 1 week ago

Unroadyworth buses are from zupco.... Those old chicken buses AVM. Kanonyepa kachembere aka. No to zupco monopoly...... Vote CCC... Vote Chamisa. Let's remove these clueless old people. I urge all computers to vote this party out we have suffered enough.. This is a man made problem by edee

GVT 1 week ago

As ruling Gvt we have a lot of work to do. Don't rush to blame us. Presiding over a Gvt is not like presiding over your one roomed round hut.
We are quickly fixing the commuter problem.

1 week ago

Will not speak 1 week ago


Chawabvunza 1 week ago

Tengai mota ini v****. Gvt doesn't owe you nothing. Whre were you when we were busy buying cars. Mucha m a m a chete chete coz ma bhazi hapana and we have nothing we can do at the moment. Ma teacher, nurse arikuchema. What do you want us to do shuwa. We have a lot in our plate at the moment. Elections are upon us so plz regai kutinetsa. We will resolve on these grievances muna 2030. At the moment vote Zpf. Vote for real change. Even if you vote CCC we will always rule you. We did t in 2008, 2018 and we will do it again next year✊

Chawabvunza 1 week ago

Government must tell the truth and not lie through their teeth. Every operator is in business because he wants profit. If ZVIPICO does not pay the operator in time, where do they think the operator will get the money from to service his vehicles ? This is why ZVIPICO franchise is full of buses and combis which are not fit to be on the road. They buy new buses in drips and drops. They pay their workers in drips and drops. They pay operators in drips and drops. These guys have completely failed. Citizens should ask themselves why they should continue voting people like these into power.


AA6 1 week ago

better to be quiet than talking nonsense, zupco system has failed zvachose and she is saying they want to try it again, vanhu vachingotambura too bad.

The Adjudicator 1 week ago

That's rubbish,what road worth vehicles do they tok of? Are Trip buses that ply Chitungwiza --Harare road worth.Every day we find almost 4 broken down buses or more along the way .Mbare--Chitungwiza and Mbare-- Machipisa there has never bn any Zupco that ply that route.Nyika iyi maitadza.

Tongoonai 1 week ago

There are no Zupco buses plying Chitungwiza-Mbare route eversince the inception of Zupco Monopoly.
I do not no why Chitungwiza residents are silent about it!

Worzell Gummidge 1 week ago

Private transporters are in business to make a profit & not to provide charity. A private company cannot subsidise government in addition to paying tax. The ZVIPICO franchise is disorganised, unaccountable & unproffessional. Driver's often go on strike because their wages are always delayed & the transport owners also receive delayed payments & no service for their vehicles. But, Mr. Bhu Bhu Bhu, (aka) Chandagwinyira insists that the chaos is the solution. Yes, we had 5 problems with Mushikashika, but does it make sense to create 500 more problems & call it a solution?

commuter 1 week ago

Hapana zvaataura zvachinja apa. Kufana murume kunyeba, tongoti ndechemba.

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