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Govt Says It Will Allow Foreigners To Invest In Local TV Companies

Govt Says It Will Allow Foreigners To Invest In Local TV Companies

The government says it will allow foreigners to invest in local media companies to enable the sector to grow into a multi-billion dollar industry.

Current legislation bars foreigners from owning a stake in Zimbabwe’s broadcast sector.

Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Deputy Minister Kindness Paradza said foreigners will be allowed to control up to 40 per cent stake in media companies.

Paradza made the remarks while officiating at a Zimbabwe Online Content Creators (ZOCC) engagement with the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) in Kadoma on Thursday. He said:

We now want to create a multi-billion dollar industry, we are opening up. We want investors from outside to come and join hands with local ones so they invest in the media industry.

We are going to offer up to 40% ownership to foreign investors in the sector. This is at a time other countries are at 20%.

There is only one privately owned broadcaster, 3Ktv is airing in the country, but is only available to DStv subscribers. |

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Frie 4 months ago

More needs to be done on the opening up.... It's too late now... Only realize now when there is V.O.D, Netflix, Amazon. People no longer watch the deemed Orthodox way.... You have to run fast to catch-up.. just look at Evod... Great content

Son of Sam 4 months ago

By the way ZBC inoita nezvei?

HBO 4 months ago

you need to free up ZBC first so that we can invest in your country

any I'm from America

4 months ago

Hahaha ,funny enough 😂 ,anyway HBO has no time to comment on issues concerning commoners like ZTV

Citizen raPep naChamisa 4 months ago

Hahaha Typical ZANU Pf always 50 years behind innovation.People now watch VEOD.Netflix and Stuff,imi makuda kuupgrader kaDeadBC kenyu kanorira nziyo dzemusangano isu tichida ana Winky nanaHoly Ten.We still use FM radio yemuWW3 😂others now use AM and online Radio/Podcasts .Even mukasvika quality yeDSTV no one still watches that except for Football

DVD 4 months ago

Jive TV is doing gud if you luv local music it's not bad,but inini i prefer Trance urban to watch bana Beyonce twerking.

Hondoyedzomba 4 months ago

manyya, vanhu hatichaona matuuzvi aya, Netflix, eVOD ndozvakutonga

Netflix 4 months ago

We don't happy to see old man with his scaf all the time

Peter Date 4 months ago

Since when?Much talk,no walk!


Doug 4 months ago

No need for that with the availability of bandwidth on fiber and satellite, and the world having become a global village, people now know what they want, where to get it, and how to get it. Gone are the days when media houses fed people with the desires of the media houses. We were supposed to have got off analogue almost seven years ago but the only people who benefitted were those who got travel and subsistence allowances going around the country to transmitter sites, promising to release digital decoders on the market, and then they went silent.

Kule Kule 4 months ago

Haiwawooo nyarara kana usina zvekutaura muzukuru wangu. Unotivudza ngano dzekuti "You WILL". Zvingani zvakanzi "We WILL" zvikaitwa since 1980?

999 4 months ago

@Kule kule you love the word muzukuru 😁

farie 4 months ago

the issue with ZBC is that they lagged decades ago and it's now very very difficult to catch-up..with V.O.D, STARSAT, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Evod etc as competition they are dead already. and with what they did to viewers... people got fed up and looked for alternatives and found them .. and now they can't convince the market to look at them it's now too late... suggestion that they talk to OPEN VIEW and hook up ZBC there and put great shows. and develop from there... no one will buy the ZBC DECODER... even get it for free no one will take it.... They have them already (decoders) and can't do anything with them...there is no market for them

Open View Hd 4 months ago

We don't have time to talk or negotiate with Zbc on openview

farie 4 months ago

just a suggestion...if they might try

farie 4 months ago

too late for that.... keep what you have been holding.... Its now useless...there is streaming...we now watch what we want...... even DSTV is feeling the pressure of V.O.D

for starters try to put...WHEEL OF TIME (rival to GAME OF THRONES) or RINGS OF POWER( rival to LORD OF THE RINGS) or House of the Dragon...then we know you are catching up... other no no no

Sabhuku 4 months ago

ko nguva yekuridza nziyo dzeZanyu vanozoiwana kupi

999 4 months ago

they closed channel 2, their shows was better .

fatso 4 months ago

as SABC is getting rid off of Analog.. ZBC has already approached SABC for the analog equipment

4 months ago


farie 4 months ago

serious ka

Data bundle 4 months ago

The only challenge to us as zimbos is the cost of Internet otherwise will be streaming 24/7 .

Bindula 4 months ago

Going through the comments, i have seen the same sentiment. That the government is late and people have moved on to VOD services Netflix etc.

What i have noticed is that for you to connect to these services you need a reliable internet connection. How many of us do and how many actually can pay for it? That leaves us with OpenView and DStv. But there's a catch, the rural populace.

They know kuti kumusha hakuna connectivity( 2g at best). Some radio stations can't even be reached in rural areas.(except the ones pushing zanu agenda). Same for television stations. 3ktv yandakanzwawo its on dstv only.

My point? Zanu doesn't care much about entertainment. Just their brainwashing agenda. For who you may ask? For the person in rural or urban Zimbabwe who can't afford a streaming service or dstv. And there's too many of those is Zim

BossProekid 4 months ago

This is **** zbc my foot no one will ever watch their channel any more

BossProekid 4 months ago

This is **** zbc my foot no one will ever watch their channel any more

Boss Proekid 4 months ago

Zbc my foot who has the energy to wat h zbc that is **** damn

Boss Proekid 4 months ago

Zbc my foot who has the energy to wat h zbc that is **** damn

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