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Govt Rules Out Imminent Salary Hike For Teachers

Govt Rules Out Imminent Salary Hike For Teachers

Teachers will not get a salary increment any time soon after the Government said it cannot raise teachers’ salaries each time schools open.

Public Service and Social Welfare Minister Paul Mavima on Friday, 29 April told NewsDay that teacher’s packages cannot be changed every time schools open and educators need to exercise patience while their grievances are addressed through dialogue. Said Mavima:

We just changed the package for teachers, and we cannot change that package each time schools open.

We are getting into the second quarter, and we need them to be patient and go through the negotiation process.

If there is any need for a review, it will be determined during the negotiation process.

We must also realise that there was something special that we did for teachers including the $20 000 per child school fees package, which will support up to three children in government institutions.

Mavima said the Government will facilitate the construction of decent accommodation for teachers at public schools. He said:

This will be institutional housing so that we don’t have problems and teachers have to be in very good decent housing.

We are undertaking that aggressive programme to provide housing for teachers.

Schools are scheduled to open for the second term on 3 May but teachers’ representatives have threatened not to report for duty saying they are financially incapacitated.

Teachers want the Government to revert to their pre-October 2018 salary of US$540 saying the US$175 they are currently getting is not sustainable.

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Machiavelli 1 month ago

Teachers are at the tail end of the queue.

First to get salary increments were soldiers. Next it will be CIO. After that ZRP followed by ZBC, MPs and parastatals. Only when everyone else taken care of will teachers nurses and doctors be eligible for wage (not salary) increase.

These ZANU geriatrics have their own priority lists.

teacher 2 months ago

nhema dzega fees yevana haina kuuya, regrading hapana hapana

Machiavelli 1 month ago

It was a typographical error. They meant DEGRADING not REGRADING

charu 2 months ago

this is political game, engulfed by a teacher's salary problem which is actually real. inflation may increase unreasonably because of election. a tough as well as rough situation will influence most pple desicions. the tsvangirayi era is back again. that is how tsvangirayi aattained the gvt of unity achievement. mavima
is right and representative s of teachers are also right. the inflation problem is being steered.

Jeizet 2 months ago

Vanhu gutsikanai nezvmunopiwa ,,,kana ukada zvakawanda zvisipo chienda undotsvagwo wega,,,zvisiye vamwe vakasiya vakaenda joni vamwe vakandourawa nemajita ikoko,,,saka iwe unongoonawo zvekuita. ,,,,hazvidi kushoorana izvi hakuna anozvigona


teacher 2 months ago

mwari pindirai. takuvara nenhamo

VYBZ KARTEL 2 months ago

Muchadya harurwa rwendu runo

Chirandu 2 months ago

Opening schools and teaching are two different things. After All Minister is not the employer of teachers so let him halucinate. Teachers will educate the nation about the importance of voting and not only voting but voting wisely.
Wait and see.

Yours Faithfully 2 months ago

Dear Teachers

We have heard your concerns. We are working on them as we type this texts. Expect salary increments and better working conditions towards the elections. For now zvakaoma.

Yours Faithfully


Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

The truth is Nyika yadzokera ku 2008 munhu wese asingabe is suffering...

Kanda 2 months ago

aaaah zvamusina kukwana baba imi decent accommodation at public schools during holidays anogara pai $20000 pamwana makavapa here ikudiwa in 4days time vamwe vanhu Soo hamunzwi kutya nekusvoda muchitaura zvakadaro

Chawabvunza 2 months ago

Minister of Public Service and Social Welfare, Larry Mavima is blinkered. He blames teachers for asking for capacitation at every opening of schools. Does he not see that prices are going up every two days ? Teachers are not asking for salary increment, but for their salaries to be bench marked at us$450. Come on Minister Mavima.


H o r n y Headmistress 2 months ago

Haaa nyika haina kumira mushe guys zvikuitika izvi is a threat to national security don't think zvopera mushe. B o n d e harishanakiii kuma bedroom. Yatove 2 secs munhu orara coz of stress

teacher 2 months ago

we need change we are tired of this crocodile

chief Nemauyu 2 months ago

Opening schools and teaching are two different things. Real teaching and learning will always be a pipe dream until the teachers who are the Masters of this trade are well remunerated.This Hardline stance from a minister is a clear sign that even if negotiations are to be done nothing will be given to the teachers.

Nene 2 months ago

Houses at schs no trs need kuvakawo dzimba dzavo basa rikapera havarambi vari padzimba dzechikoro.20 000 rtgs yacho inotanga kubhadharwa gore ripi.Parents be prepared to pay for extra lessons.

Tio4 2 months ago

@leave a comment you are an imbecile. A hair brained fool.mari ipi irikutambirwa nema teacher thats modern day slavery, prices have increased four fold and you expect teachers to just smile about it. Ndimi part of the people who are stealing from the people how do u sleep at night knowing u have robbed from people and people are crying ,shame on you ,shame on your parents and children if you have them.

Ndini Ndadaro 2 months ago

Kusiana kwema levels. We can't be paid Mari inofanana nechi teacher. Chii teacher chii nhai imi. l choose 10 kilometres & six months training. Some choose to waste years to become teachers. Look at them now. Vakuchema

Warthog 2 months ago

Baba andifunge kuti muri kushanda, ndimi marovha anogara achingo discusser ma problms eku Zim muma bridge, you cant work for mari yakadakwa ma teachers, ko ma soldiers yavo yakawedzerwa sei?

Ndini Ndadaroo 2 months ago

That's alot of money. Considering that most of them are just diploma holders and don't want to advance.

Leave a Comment 2 months ago

Nyararai baba kufunga salary increments right now kwakangofanana nekufunga kuti demo ringatema dombo. Teachers need to be punished for their **** behaviour. Nyika haina Mari. We are under sanctions. What more do they want from the gvt. Ngavashande be Mari iyoyo 175 USD and 25000 Rtgs is alot for a teacher. If it's not enough ngava resigner and we employ those dedicated and un employed out there

PSC 2 months ago

Vakarega kuvura zvikoro tovadzinga. we have a lot of poor and unemployed teachers who want to join the system

Manikiniki! 1 month ago

You comment shows that you are an uneducated **** and you know that you are worth nothing.

kkkk 1 month ago

key word is poor.

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