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Govt Releases $3 Billion To ZEC For By-elections

Govt Releases $3 Billion To ZEC For By-elections

The Government has released $3 billion to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) for the 26 March 2022 National Assembly and council by-elections.

ZEC spokesperson Joyce Kazembe said the printing of ballot papers has been completed while the training of polling officers, who will conduct the elections, will start on Monday.

Ballot papers will be distributed to voting centres later this week, with the deployment of polling officers to polling stations set to be done on Thursday. Said Kazembe:

We are well prepared for the by-elections, everything is in place and we are well funded.

Printing of the ballot papers was completed and training of polling officers will begin on Monday while deployment will be done on Thursday.

Each polling station will be allocated not more than 1 000 voters, so if a polling station has more than 1 000 voters there will be additional units created to ensure that there are only 1000 voters at each polling station.

The list of voters at each polling station will be displayed at each polling station three days before the voting day so that voters will have a chance to view their particulars days before voting.

… We have been given enough funds for the by-elections, we were allocated $3 billion for the exercise so everything is in place.

ZEC said it will establish 1 317 polling stations for the National Assembly by-elections and 1 031 polling centres for the council polls.

The by-elections will be held on Saturday to replace MPs and councillors who have either died, were redeployed or recalled.

Polling stations will open at 7 am and close at 7 pm.

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Nimrod 2 months ago

$3 even at black market rate is abou t$12 million US.
Those who went to court trying to stop the by elections because there is no money, manje Mari iripo.
Kudos to minister of finance for providing resources.
But Mwonzora is responsible for this unnecessary expense and his tail should be cut.
infact the law should make it difficult to do a recall. parties should consult those who voted for the Mps in the first place

John chifamba 2 months ago

my point is that if douggie hadldn't used the controversial recalls , we wouldn't be in this mess. benzi rakapihwa pito

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

were right*

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

If its a waste of tax payers money then those who had said by-elections should stop since we have elections next year, some were calling for them saying ZanuPf and Mwonzora are scared 😂 unotoshaya kuti munhu achishama muromo pfungwawo dzinenge dzichishandawo here ipapo coz munhu anotaura achizvirambira...

John Chifamba 2 months ago


2 months ago

The Ajudicator 2 months ago

Zec is supposed to be independent bt it's not.Who appoints Zec?


Jinn 2 months ago

tax payers money to biased ZEC

Figo 2 months ago

Must be $3b zwd I guess..

John Chifamba 2 months ago

Mabasa a Dougie akonzeresa kurasa Mari uku. If Mwonzora gets even a single council seat, this will be the sec miracle since the miraculous conception of Jesus Christ

Zvimbazi 2 months ago

Isn't the Zec independent guyz , I dont know how it works 🤔?

zimboy 2 months ago

3 what? hahahahahha is this a joke? damn this country haiboe

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