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"Govt Really Tried Its Best To Improve The Salaries For Civil Servants" - Finance Minister Ncube

Finance and Economic Development Minister, Professor Mthuli Ncube has said the government tried its best to improve the salaries for civil servants.

Public sector workers want pay hikes and have spent the past three years calling on the government to pay them their pre-October 2018 United States dollar salaries of around US$540.

Speaking recently in the Senate, Midlands senator Morgen Komichi (MDC Alliance) said civil servants were too underpaid that they could not embark on meaningful projects. He said:

Civil servantsÔÇÖ salaries are too little and not sufficient for one to embark on a project, or even build a house. It is not enough even for food.

In response, Ncube said the government had tried its best to improve the salaries of civil servants. NewsDay cites him as saying:

Government really tried its best under the circumstances to improve the salaries for civil servants. We have not missed our bonus payments since 2018, and since then, I declared that bonuses will be paid as a 13th cheque every year except that we have changed a little bit for those who are in positions of director and above.

They will only be paid upon performance assessments which will take effect from January or February next year for their 2022 performance. That is when those bonuses will be honoured. The rest of the civil servants are being paid bonuses.

Early this year, the government said it would consider increasing the US dollar component salaries of civil servants and also review their local currency component.

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civil servant 1 month ago

ibvapo Mthuli ungati imari yekupa ma adults here iyoyo. Usatsvinya mhani iwe. Ikozvino ma civil servants ari kufa ari marombe nekuda kwako iwewe.

Chimboti Pizza 1 month ago

@civil servant chimbomira kuti nyaudza iwe nevamwe vako, macivil servants taneta nemi nyika yakaomera munhu wese iyi

,,,, dott 1 month ago

Mr Mthuli Ncube we hv no doubt, u are trying yr best , tirikuona n shanduko even ku economy yedu ine ine improvement

i_am_shumba 1 month ago

@dott nyika ine improvement asi uri papindula hauna mari yenewspaper

Tang ku 1 month ago

It's so sad when mthuli is claiming that they tried their level of payments,he should shy , how much are they looting, how much are they promising ghost workers "chimbwidos,mujibas , increasingly warveterans in order to lure votes and starving essential institutions, hospitals education, industries , farms and ordinary citizens , correct your self and apologize to nation for your negiligents and failure mthuli

g 1 month ago

vamutuvi ngavatinyare. he is justifying usd 175 which is an allowance and not pensionable yet he awarded 500 k usd to ministers. musadaro veduwe itodyai kekupedzira because 2023 ndine hurombo nehurumende yenyu

KING 4 1 month ago

imari here iyoyo

Dispenser 1 month ago

How much are civil servants earning

1 month ago

Yaimbova 50 dhorazi ameno ikezvino

Unc Tim 1 month ago

Teachers are getting US$200 & ZWL40 000

Unc Tin 1 month ago

Nurses are getting US$200 & ZWL200 000

@Tin 1 month ago

$us200 bhooo wani

1 month ago

@dispenser ukaziva ugodiii mumwe mubvunzo soo


1 month ago

1 month ago

He didi his best to improve the salaries of ministers and MPs.

Machiavelli 1 month ago

They money that they are getting is way too much it must be reduced

Billey 1 month ago

@Machiavelli, I used to follow yr comments but now you seem to a drunkered bogus, nxaa musoro wakazvimba.

joe 1 month ago

ncube you mismanaged the economy between 1980 to 1994 a civil servant could buy a house and all household effects using salary earned Today the same civil servant cannot buy a house let alone a bed to sleep on you should be ahamed ntuli

patriot 1 month ago

Just industrialise the country . The results will be a very cheap economy.

1 month ago

Mthuli is a joke indeed. How can he say we have tried !!!!! Hapana chaamboita kana 1. Civil servants earning less than us$300 from us$540 woti u tried nxaaa mhani mukutijairira imi

i_am_shumba 1 month ago

he gave the workers half a million mamwe,maSlaves ayo,,

Fairchild 1 month ago

slave wages

Tkt 1 month ago

Arwadziwa nekuva CIVIL SERVANT, just let it go. Part ways, isu vamwe we parted & won't complain at anything.
Piss off

Destro 1 month ago

Pindula pliz matiregerera pa soccer results,no tables updating ..u are very disappointing

Dami 1 month ago

Nothing he tried. He must restore pre October USD salaries 540 or peg at the interbank rate

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