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Govt Orders Schools To Reimburse Centre Fees

Govt Orders Schools To Reimburse Centre Fees

The Government has ordered schools that have charged formal candidates centre fees for Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (ZIMSEC) November examinations to reverse the transactions.

This follows reports that some school heads were demanding between US$10 and US$25 as centre fees for formal examination candidates enrolled in their schools

Some schools reportedly barred prospective ZIMSEC candidates from paying registration fees until they had paid the centre fees.

Previously, centre fees were paid by external candidates while formal learners were exempted from paying that fee.

Director of Communications and Advocacy in the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, Taungana Ndoro said:

We are not aware of that but we will be investigating the matter.

Students in formal school are not to be charged that fee. It is illegal for schools to do that.

Those that are doing so should stop while those that have done so already should reimburse the parents.

Registration commenced on Friday with the fees in US dollar terms set at US$10 per subject for Grade 7, while it is US$11 per subject for O-level and A-level is at US$22 per subject.

ZIMSEC announced that schools must use an exchange rate of ZWL$454.7 to US$1 when collecting the fees.

Meanwhile, registration will close on Friday.

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imhlolo 2 weeks ago

when did the grade seven started paying examination fee!

NHUBU 2 weeks ago

Gore rino kaaa kkkkk

Mane ndlovu 2 weeks ago

They started paying exam fees Friday 22nd

Nyoka Longo 2 weeks ago

It is testimony that the cabal that is steering this ship is clueless, incompetent and illiterate especially the two chaps at the helm. All they wanted was to have a feel of power but they don't have what it takes. Education is supposed to be the most affordable of all as it secures the future of a nation. This is all lost on these people who, when they speak or act it is apparent both have no education. The other takes himself to be a lawyer but no evidence exist of study, while the other had thesis for the so called doctorate written for him according to Jonathan Moyo. It also means undergraduate and postgraduate was done for him. What do you expect from such people except incompetence. Vana Mamvura vari kutyaira bhazi🤣🤣🤣

Tozivepiko 2 weeks ago

Yeeeeee u have said it as it is. Nyika ye Zimbabwe yawonongwa nevanhu ava vasina kudzidza except kuridza pfuti ndokwavaogona Chete kwete kutungomira hurumende.Zvidzoyi zve vatungamiriri

Junior JJ 2 weeks ago

when l wrote my O level in 2015 it was $15 per subject but l don't know why many people are suprised abt cz ava vatodzikisirwa $11 per subject tisangode kujairira kuchema chema zvimwe zvinhu aaaah

pk 2 weeks ago

usati yaibatika asi iti kwauri waikwanisa kuibata. Chero now 11 iyoyo kune vari kuibata

MR 2 weeks ago

I concur bt ipapo 15 yaibatika... now 15 its more than 10000 RTGS

Deal 2 weeks ago

JJ uri kadodo chaiko how many people can afford mari iyoyo


Gafa 2 weeks ago

Zimsec rate kkkkkk ndokuti zvadhakwa zvekutonga

🌹 2 weeks ago

It is better paying in our ZW currency

Truth 2 weeks ago

Almost all secondary schs are charging examination levy.Its not fair

@JJ 2 weeks ago

wakapasa here pawakanyora .By then people were earning better USD salaries than today

BaRuu 2 weeks ago

Registration commenced on Friday with the fees in US dollar terms set at US$10 per subject for Grade 7


Dz 2 weeks ago

Chaora chinyika ichi. Grade 7 yakatanga kubhadhara exam fee paNEW DISPENSATION.

Bengula 5 days ago

we were charged usd20 at some Gvt secondary Schools and we don't see ourselves being reimbursed that money, please make a t****ugh follow up to that matter.

Bengu 5 days ago

we have been charged usd20 as center fee for formal students at Gvt secondary Schools and I don't see ourselves being reimbursed that money.

Bengu 5 days ago

we were robbed they should give us back our hard earned monies.

Bengu 4 days ago

so painful 😫.

Bengu 4 days ago

So painful 😫 indeed. we paid usd20.

Bengu 4 days ago

So painful 😫 indeed.

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