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Govt Orders Harare To Pay US$780 000 For Pomona Rubbish

Govt Orders Harare To Pay US$780 000 For Pomona Rubbish

The Ministry of Local Government and Public Works has directed the City of Harare to pay almost US$1 million for dumping trash at its own dumpsite in Pomona.

The Government reportedly forced the Harare City Council to sign a costly waste-to-energy deal with Geogenix BV, a Dutch company owned by an Albanian national.

The company’s local representative is Delish Nguwaya, an alleged business associate of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s family.

The US$344 million Pomona waste-to-energy deal has been widely criticised by residents and opposition CCC councillors.

In a letter addressed to Harare’s acting town clerk, Phakamile Moyo, and dated 16 June 2022, the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Local Government Zvinechimwe Churu ordered Harare City Council to pay the bill which has now reached US$780 000. Reads the letter:

I have taken note of the contents of the letter dated 10 June 2022 in which you state that you are unable to pay the invoice raised by GEO Pomona in the amount of USD$ 780, 890.00 for the month of May.

May I remind you that the action not to pay has serious consequences, not only with respect to Council’s obligations but also on Government who is the Guarantor of the project.

Failure to pay will result in the accumulation of debt through interest, arrears, penalties and fees due and payable.

The amount will become unsustainable should this stance be sustained beyond the May payment.

We request a response from yourselves that you will honour the bill for May as well as the other coming months as they fall due.

It is thus our expectation that the operations at Pomona should continue uninterrupted and Council should abide by the contractual terms provided for in the existing contract.

On Thursday, Harare City Council announced that it had appointed a Special Investigation Committee to look into the Pomona Waste to Energy project or agreement.

Council said members of the public who wish to make submissions on the project should contact the chairperson of the Special Investigation Committee, Councillor Ian Makone on:+263773 020 726.

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Zuze 1 day ago

Date :- 24 June 2022.

To: July Pomona Moyo
From: Mayor, City of Harare

Subject: Payment to Geo.... Your Letter to Our A/Town Clerk

Please be advised that the matter is sub judice and your directive is ultra vires the Council Resolution to suspend and review the above contract.

See you in court.

cc. Zvinechimwe Churu
Daylish Nguwaya
The Terrible Twins

🗣️ VOICELESS 1 day ago


the missing teenager

🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 A jokers 1 day ago


zimcitizen 1 day ago

This is command theft a.k.a kutonga kwaro gamba

Asalif 1 day ago

But to be frank and honest this is absurd. What is the City of Harare 's budget when they fock out nearly a million USD in 30 days which means a year they pay whooping USD $12m for refuse delivery to Pomona , if Geogenixv was to collect the refuse itself the deal will be fair not the council collect and pay for the rubbish to be recycled again it's not affordable

Maparamuro 1 day ago

Isn't the contract between HCC and GeogenixBV??

Doug 1 day ago

Council is incapacitated


@ 1 day ago

this is no government sh*t. can't u see kuti its a man behind the government deal. this is bcming more of a problem. tinongonzwa kuti this person or that person was thrown out of the office bcz they abused their power blaa blaa blaa but what the f**k, this nigger shud serve his tym behind bars not only for abusing but murdering the goddamn
office rights

Ratepayer 1 day ago

As a ratepayer I will use my vote ❎ to voice my disapproval of this day light robbery deal forced upon us.

Vote CCC in protest.

Observer 1 day ago

It was a government to government deal so let the government pay.

Anonymous 1 day ago

Ndikunzweyi futi muchiti CCC Councillors ndoanouraya makanzuru

TM 1 day ago

Mnangagwa madiro aunoita Mari iwe naAkusiriya matwins enyu uuuum ma1. Kwese munongomora. Gorodhi,zupuko,mapasipoti iyezvino makuma**** kuPomona. Nyarawo ED inga urizera rangu wani.

Oskid 1 day ago

Since gvnt is the guarantor they wil pay the money

HCC 1 day ago

Even if we want to pay we simply do not have the money.

Thor 1 day ago

dzatanga mbavha dziye

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