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Govt Offers Training Loans For Workers In The Civil Service

Govt Offers Training Loans For Workers In The Civil Service

The Government is rolling out low-cost loans for civil servants to advance their education and improve competitiveness in the labour market, Public Service Commission Secretary Ambassador Jonathan Wutawunashe has said.

He made the remarks at the National Secretaries’ Day Celebrations in Harare on Friday where he was officiating on behalf of Vice President Constantino Chiwenga. The Sunday Mail quotes him as saying:

The PSC offers training loans for people in the civil service. Recently, I was given a document to approve the list of personnel who were asking for low-cost self-development and training loans.

I was astonished because on average each Government ministry submitted a list of two people to be given the training loans.

The money is there to cover more people, so before I signed I said let’s improve the numbers and let’s make sure that among those numbers are some of the people whom we have in this room.

He added that secretaries can only adapt to the changing dynamics of technology through education and training warning that those who refuse to upgrade themselves would become outdated.

Wutawunashe implored secretaries to stay abreast with technological developments as the workplace is now “a shape-up or ship-out environment. 

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ED Shweeee 4 months ago

We need low cost loans kuita chiHwindi, Airtime vending nekungwavha-ngwavha.

Ndiwo ega mabasa asara muZimbabwe

Surprised Onlooker 4 months ago

Vanoadvancer on an empty stomach here ipiai vanhu Mari macourse vanozvionera vahora.

Ex Employee 4 months ago

After getting that certificate of competency or appreciation or attendance then what?

mnhanga 4 months ago

Ho. ro yako iwe Utahwashe.Hindava uchidada.Ndeip loan yawakati unoda kupa vanhu

Chipo 4 months ago

KO driving school hw much i need a lincence di driver Zupco 😢

ED Shweeee 4 months ago

RTGS 1,000 for VID.
US$200 for bribes

Technological Advancement 4 months ago

if the upgrade they leave and go for better salaries, one can't upgrade to remain a mere cevil servant

Sixpence 4 months ago

Upgrade neCertificate of Attendance.
Seka hako mwana wemuSena


ED Shweeee 4 months ago

Kana watenga license unozodei imwe IS$100 to bribe ZUPCO to give you a job

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