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Govt Monitoring Operations Of NGOs

Govt Monitoring Operations Of NGOs

The government has established committees in the country’s districts to monitor non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and ensure that they do not deviate from their mandate.

This was revealed by Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare deputy minister Lovemore Matuke on Thursday while responding to senators who wanted to know why the government was targeting NGOs. Said Matuke:

What we have done as a ministry is, we have got a committee at the district level, it is an inter-ministerial committee which is at every district and also has the duty to monitor the operations of NGOs.

Every NGO which provides anything to any community has to go through that committee and also when they go out there to give whatever they want to give, they seek approval from our offices.

Those who deviate from their mandate, normally we delist them, but we can only do that when we get reports that this NGO has deviated from its mandate.

Sometimes we get information from the local councillors as to whether the NGOs are following their mandates because I can see your question is that there are NGOs that go out there not to help people, but to do things which are a bit evil in terms of politicising, maybe whatever they will be giving.

If we get knowledge of any of those NGOs, the ministry will not hesitate to delist the NGO from our books so that they will not continue with their operations.

The Government is currently crafting the Private Voluntary Organisations Amendment Bill which seeks to regulate the operations of NGOs in the country.

Critics say the Bill, which is currently before the National Assembly, will result in employees at civic society organisations losing their jobs and also constrict the democratic space if it is passed in its current form.

However, the Government has defended the Bill, saying will fight money laundering and the financing of terrorism. | NewsDay

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Tintin 4 months ago

NGOs also monitoring operations of the govt.munopedzerana this time.pane achati eke pakati penyu.

CX 4 months ago

gvt ndiyo ichati eke.

😎 4 months ago

Ndizvo zvamunogona kungwarira zvisina basa muchisiya zvinhu zvine basa. Zvinonakisa economy here izvozvo? Imi zvamunongoita politicise everything wani, hanti dai murimi maicontroler oxygen munhu wese asiri wezanu aifa. Itai mushe imi

Duke of Celestial 4 months ago

mkuru avo vakashata vedewee ndo comment yanguwo ndatenda

Moyo 4 months ago

Trying to control NGOs is s last minute desperate attempt by the government to try and stifle all means of outside help they have no control over.
How many NGO's do you know that are politicking?? Zero. Maybe CCC is an NGO in their eyes.
Zanu pf would rather control hungry and poor crowds netupfumvudza twavo nema t shirt than angry and frustrated people. The way to do that is to limit NGO activity in rural/marginalised areas

Maparamuro 4 months ago

I have 10 tons of maize and there is a starving community and I will need approval from someone who is not affected, someone who is not from the starving community? Madness
I have educational material that I want to donate to some poor school and I have to seek approval from someone whose children are at a private school with all facilities or even overseas. Kupenga chaiko.
Hudzvanyiriri haudarike apa

Sabhuku 4 months ago

All abovementioned comments spot on. Tavekuchangamuka, hopefully rural folk aren't ignorant to this fact.
Gvt Shooting themselves in the foot. Blocking aid pre-election time will only upset the voter.

Mafirakureva Jeremiah 4 months ago

Am still waiting for evidence of what NGOs r being accused of.
Has there ever been a conviction in a court of law regarding the same?
Or this is just propaganda to stifle development initiated outside ruling party structures?


cde chipopi 4 months ago

Siyanai nema NGOs mugadzirise nyika chete. Sabhuku mu rural folk haana freedom inofungidzirwa ne vanhu ve mutaundi vasingaende ku musha. They always vote vakagara mu butsu dze Zanu pf being intimidated nema chiefs nema sabhuku.

Gwedu 4 months ago

waste of time!!

Sorojena 4 months ago

The level of paranoia in the Govt has risen too high. The Govt fears NGOs would sponsor Chamisa with funds therefore giving Mnangagwa little chance to win the elections

Hondoyedzomba 4 months ago

nyika inorarama nekupemha, mkuru anofamba akabata begging bowl

AK47 4 months ago

I think this is not the government law but ZANU PF way of wining election . They don't want to monitor but they want to take all donation donated by NGOs and put them under their name when they hand over to people they don't want NGOs to hand over on their own . They want to use these donation form NGOs for campaigning and if you are not supporting ZANU PF you won't get anything

NGO Forum 4 months ago

NGOs involved in developmental projects, health and food distributions already work with government departments, councillors and headmen.
Visit WFP to find out how they operate.
Human rights etc NGOs ndookunenyaya.

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