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Govt Introduces Technical High Schools

Govt Introduces Technical High Schools

The government has introduced technical high schools in order to help learners acquire innovative industrial skills to be entrepreneurs rather than job seekers.

This was said by the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education Tumisang Thabela. She said:

The technical high schools will endeavour to help pupils acquire innovative industrial skills that will either fit them well into industry or enable them to be job creators as opposed to job seekers.

She said Matabeleland North province had selected Hwange High School as its pilot to specialise in textile technology and design.

Thabela added that the government has since started converting classrooms into science laboratories to increase the uptake of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) students. She said:

The ministry — in line with equity development has started an initiative of converting ordinary classrooms into science laboratories. It will increase the uptake of STEM learning areas.

There is a need to raise those schools outside the national electricity grid to experience green energy in their schools for improved operations.

Primary and Secondary Education ministry spokesperson Taungana Ndoro revealed that schools in other provinces have been identified for the programme. He said:

In Bulawayo, Luveve High School will provide aviation studies, while Allan Wilson High School in Harare will provide metal technology and design.

Chipindura High School in Mashonaland Central will provide building technology, and Umzingwane High in Matabeleland South will cater for woodwork, to mention a few among other high schools.

STEM stands for Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics and focuses on developing higher-level thinking skills by connecting classroom learning to the real world.

According to an online source, STEM emphasizes collaboration, communication, research, problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity, skills that students need to be successful in today’s world regardless of specific interests or career goals. | NewsDay

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plumber 1 week ago

dzidzisai vana kudhokonya kana vabhrokesa matoyaz kuti vaitewo maplumber emangwana

mthwakazi ka ndaba 1 week ago

good initiative

Sorojena 1 week ago

Burdening the ministry of education with useless projects, why not invest the little capital to polytechnic colleges and vocational centres across the country?

hope 1 week ago

haaaa zvakaoma apa tikutotarisira kuti mabasa akuvhurwa manje manje musadaro hamadzinodiwa toda kumboshandawo tozoita zvedu tava nemari Capital ndoyatinongoda chete ..imbotipinzaiwo pa payroll first izvo mozoitira zvizukuru zvedu yanga yakaipei asi pfungwa yenyu yakanaka kwazvo ndaida asi zvamanje manje imbotipaiwo mabasa atairoverwa kuchikoro nekutongorwa nechando towana maHuwesi dhorazi asati apera Aya..

1 week ago

Wakafa brain mnhu we ccc

1 week ago

The government is trying to hide away from it's responsibility. People in this country have the right to be employed but they have failed and now want you to figure it out on your own. Hanzi hee 2 million jobs. Taingovharwa paye. Bring back investors tichinyeperwa. Please vote for the right government this year not these bullies who hide behind their duties but steal millions

Jkkkkkk 1 week ago

Kkkkkk Aviation studies,l just wish to see the syllabuse and who will teach the subject?

Boss 1 week ago

Daniel Chingoma kkkkkk

Too ambitious 1 week ago


Grad 1 week ago

So many old horses, retire first then our kids will get jobs. Senior gvt officials retire first


1 week ago

During the colonial era technical schools were at Gifford & Luveve, Umzingwane & Tsholotsho to cater for the south- Western regions

Doug 1 week ago

Why not just reintroduce the F2 schools which were introduced before independence?

Anti Rotten Zanu 1 week ago

Have you also done away with time wasting useless CALAs

Vesto 1 week ago

It is the very same ZANU government that despised the F2 F2 secondary system at independence that is now going back to the colonial era syllabus of practical subjects. Albeit 43 years too late.

High unemployment has forced government to promote self employment. With 95% unemployment, and no clue as to solving the economic downturn, its time ZANU to accept failure and pass on the button to other fresh minds

Sorojena 1 week ago

The most common self employment in Zimbabwe is vendoring nechiwindi nemshikashika/chikorokoza

silibaziso 1 week ago

aviation studies really

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