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Govt Hires 8 300 More Teachers

Govt Hires 8 300 More Teachers

The government is recruiting another 8 382 teachers to complement the existing staff.

Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education spokesperson Taungana Ndoro said 7 000 names were sent to Treasury for its concurrence and to budget for their salaries and allowances before they were engaged.

He said 1 382 names were still with the Public Service Commission (PSC) for vetting and approval. Said Ndoro:

We have 1 382 attrition posts awaiting PSC approval, and they will be recruited once the processes are done.

We also have 7 000 posts sent to Treasury for concurrence so they will also be joining once the process is done.

Everyone is back at school and itÔÇÖs business as usual across the country.

However, there are schools that need more staff and that is why the process of engaging more teachers is in place.

| The Herald

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Mlindo 5 days ago

Iye muchivapa nzungu idzodzi here, mu sazodaro.

ndezve Kuma vakaendesa mateacher rwanda 5 days ago


5 days ago

Pay peanuts and you get monkeys

5 days ago

Pay peanuts and you get monkeys

5 days ago

Pay peanuts and you get monkeys

cid 5 days ago

iri team usari truster, kunyepa too much,by the way why recruit after schools have been opened why didn't they do that pa holiday or ma office avo anocherwa panovharwa zvikoro.

pikinin 5 days ago

ngavape vanhu Mari Inotenga than peanuts


Propaganda 5 days ago

Zim style

Patriot 5 days ago

The gvt is doing good and the education sector is growing

4 days ago

There goes the dim-wit

Jghy 4 days ago

Ipai vanhu mabasa

trs 4 days ago

half a loaf is better than nothing .I am waiting for the that job

concerned parent 2 days ago

@trs kana uriteacher imbodzoka kunonyora form4 woenda futi college otherwise mwana wangu haangauyi kunofundiswa newe

mudzidzisi 4 hours ago

ummmm concerned parent usadaro iwee. your comment haisi kwayo. look at other people' comments. saka oramba basa here nekuoma kwakaita nyika kudai. blame the government not the teacher.kuenda kubasa kuroshaiwa zvatingaita but I does not mean we are happy with the salary. Newewo teacher your respond is partly wrong. it seems like you are going against those who are supporting you. They are blaming the government not the teachers so revise your comment as well

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