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Govt Hikes User Fees At Public Hospitals By 1 748%

Govt Hikes User Fees At Public Hospitals By 1 748%

The Government has increased user fees at public hospitals by 1 748% as the prices of bread and fuel also went up in recent days while salaries of civil servants were last reviewed (marginally) in February.

The user fees hike was revealed in a memo dated 1 June 2022, written by Health and Child Care ministry secretary Jasper Chimedza, and addressed to provincial medical directors, medical superintendents and public hospital chief executive officers.

New adult and children consultation fees have been pegged at US$12 and US$6, respectively.

These are equivalent to $3 696 and $1 848 in the local currency using the official exchange of US$1:$308.

Hospital fees were last increased in January 2020, with adults and children respectively paying $200 and $100 in Zimbabwe dollars at the time. The memo reads in part:

Reference is made to the hospital user fees circular dated April 19, and the Exchange Control Exclusive Use of Zimbabwe dollar for Domestic Transactions Amendment Regulations, 2020 no 3 (Statutory Instrument 185 of 2020).

Following the release convergence of the Exchange Control Directive No 3 of 2022, in line with the convergence of the auction exchange rates and the interbank willing-buyer willing-seller exchange rate, you are being advised to implement user fees in line with the current interbank exchange rates.

Consultation fees for adults are now US$12 and for children US$6. Ward fees for adults are set at US$12, and US$8 for children. A notice to the public hospitals reads:

Ambulance fees per kilometre US$1,60. Intensive/coronary care unit per day — adults now at $US16. Intensive/coronary care unit per day — children now at $US10.

The consultation fee is valid for seven days and chronic consultation fees are valid for one month.

The notice says patients may pay the new fees at the interbank rate, which stands at $325 to US$1 after Tuesday’s Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) forex auction.

Patients were paying almost half in user fees before the latest increase.

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Gringo 3 weeks ago

Huyai kumasowe hakuna nhamo nematambudziko

pandonga po 3 weeks ago

yes the just shall live by faith.
kana kunorapwa mahara kuSouth Africa

masose 3 weeks ago

tinopomera kumasowe gore rino

Mwakusha 3 weeks ago

The going is getting tougher

Nurse 4 weeks ago

tip: Go n folk out yr own personal nurse from hospitals esp males n the rest is history

Sugar daddy 4 weeks ago

kkkk with this economic situation l see a pool of loose pants esp ma2000 and married wives

Patient 4 weeks ago

kungorwara nekutofa apa majority won't afford that consultation fee wozoti mari yemapills ma1


Mwana waMambo 4 weeks ago

Prices of everything and fees of all services are being hiked to an unaffordable level, whereby on the other hand, salaries remain stagnant as pond water. I wonder what these people think how can people can survive. They are brewing already stale products. This government must go. VOTE CCC FOR BETTER LIVES

ppp 4 weeks ago


the high priest 4 weeks ago

But what will be the end

SC 4 weeks ago

I can only imagine how much the pvt surgeries will charge on consultation

Mmmm 4 weeks ago

The people's suffering continues to get worse.

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