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Govt Gazettes New COVID-19 Regulations For Returning Residents And Visitors

Govt Gazettes New COVID-19 Regulations For Returning Residents And Visitors

The Minister of Health and Child Care, Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, on Friday, gazetted Statutory Instrument 67 of 2022, the legal instrument that allows fully vaccinated travellers to enter the country without the need to present a PCR negative certificate.

The gazetting of the new regulations follows a Cabinet decision on Tuesday to scrap PCR Test requirements for all returning residents and visitors.

Under Statutory Instrument 67 of 2022, unvaccinated travellers will have to produce a PCR negative certificate valid for not more than 48 hours.

Fully vaccinated travellers are now exempted from the PCR negative certificate requirement. Read part of SI 67 0f 2022:

The Public Health (COVID19), Prevention, Containment and Treatment (national Lockdown) (No 2) (Amendment) order 2022 (No 40), published in Statutory Instrument 18 of 2022, is amended in section 2ÔÇŽ by the repeal of paragraph c and substitution of e for the purpose of Section 8 (power to close ports of entry and exit.

Provided that this paragraph does not apply to any returning resident or visitor who exhibits to an enforcement officer a valid vaccination certificate to the effect that he or she has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by means of one or more of the vaccines approved by the World Health Organisation for that purpose.

Speaking during a post-Cabinet media briefing in Harare on Tuesday, the Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Monica Mutsvangwa said:

Cabinet has resolved that returning residents and visitors are no longer required to present a negative PCR certificate on arrival at ports of entry.

Only a valid vaccination certificate showing that they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 with any one of the WHO-approved vaccines will suffice.

This is in recognition of the declining COVID-19 new cases, most of which are now very mild or have no symptoms and increasing vaccination coverage.

A negative PCR certificate will only be a requirement if the returning resident or visitor is not fully vaccinated.

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Hindu God 1 month ago

ukwane iwe speaking ShOna in private and u say u a not tribalistic to hell W u mthakwaze president

one eye 1 month ago

@The Fiend, uyindoda mfoethu.

THE FIEND 1 month ago

I'm from Matabeleland @Bulawayo. Born and bred @ the Urban townships. Ndebele blood runs through me and I'm older than the monkey posting this Mthwakazi stuff. All I can tell you is these rascals are not even known, his agenda is only entertained by his 5 friends and his hateful family. Bulawayo does not even know the leader of these monkeys ,similar to all tribalists. That is Rural stuff where ZANU pf is ruling.
My massage is ZANUpf, tribalism, stup-id activists will be a thing of past. CCC will solve that and is currently doing that.

Dombo@07 1 month ago

Speaking shona in private're out of your mind .that's tribalism at its worst.MRP is divisive thats why just a few insane people support this tribal founded struggling political outfit.

Never 1 month ago

Let's learn to love each other despite where we come from. Let love Lead always.

Mthwakazi republic president 1 month ago

eam very sorry i would like to confess whats haunting me before i breath last

i gave myself this name for pushing a certain agenda which iam not at liberty to share here

during Gukurahundi i was the chief sellout in matebeleland

i lived in Bubi by then i liason with 5th brigade and was used as an informer and sellout the people of matebeland

the 5th brigade gave me money,dagga,cigarretes and some one day home brewed beer so that i wont fear to kill

i was the first person to get a gun and shot a pregnant woman via th belly and the foetus was exposed ,i killed her with kitchen knife

i also burnt several houses while people were in

The spirit of the deceased is haunting me i dnt know if they are spiritual healer in Zim who can clease me and by family
i feel i had incizi which keeps hauting me

during the night i usually dont sleep i see people coming with spears and want to pierce me and it drives me out of my bed and i will be seated on the corner in my one room smoking dagga till the next morning

in 2008 i also contributed to grossy human massacre while supporting Mugabe


THE FIEND 1 month ago

CCC supporters are the only people with a healthy mind, clear conscience, happy and full of hope for a better future for all Zimbabweans.While ZANU pf ,MDC T, MDC and the rest of so called political parties are sleeping with shoes on.
Join CCC and be happy.

mzwazwa 1 month ago

getaway wena mthwakazi
abantwana balesitshebo yini namuhla lokhu khonkotha izinto ezingela ncedo

Mthwakazi republic president 1 month ago

whoever is responsible for that message claiming that i was a sellout and that i killed my people i would like to tell you that what you are doing is irrelevent ,****,childish ,this is beyond your silly name stealing games,do whatever you want but i promise you that you wont gaim anything as i will continue to spread my message
Mthwakazi is not tribalistic,we are matebeleistic ,we dont discriminate the shona that live in our country,as long as they speak ndebele and only speak shona in private,any shona who denounces his shona origin is welcome ,we accept them

Gaffer 1 month ago

mutukuzvi presso u an inmature ****, your hate for your fellow brethrens is uncanny.worlds ****est homophobic **** are the reason why zanu is still in power.kusure kune masahwa kunge hove

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