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Govt Dispatches January Disease Vaccines To Midlands

Govt Dispatches January Disease Vaccines To Midlands

The government has sent a batch of vaccines to the Midlands Province in an effort to stop theileriosis also known as the January disease.

The development was revealed by Dr John Basera, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water, and Rural Development. He is quoted by ZBC News as saying:

We have dispatched a delegation from the veterinary services to assess, monitor and provide awareness on the importance of religiously dipping cattle. We have released a variety of vaccines to the affected areas as part of our efforts to contain the disease.

We are calling on all farmers to dip their cattle religiously for the next two years – we are going to invoking the Animal Health Act which stipulates that all farmers who fail to dip their cattle will be arrested.

The January disease has killed over 500 000 cattle in recent years, leading the government to implement the tick-grease campaign, which was successful in lowering the number of deaths by 37% in 2017.

Fever, severe lymph node swelling, stopping to graze, discharge from the eyes and nose, loss of body condition, and mortality are the main symptoms of the illness.

Theileria Parva, a parasite that lives in the blood and is spread between cattle via ticks, is the cause of theileriosis.

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Dhara 2 weeks ago

Shurugwi mombe dzapera matanga avharwa nekuda kwe chirwere ichi

Sir Tsindaz 2 weeks ago

vet.department n police should join hands n enforce laws to do with farmers who negligently fail to dip cattle

ma 1 2 weeks ago

Apondangoona kuti vaccines for January disease ndanga ndaakutomhanyirako nekuda kwekuchoboka naJanuay uyu.Zvipfuwo zvaparara wena. SorryI

naume 2 weeks ago

mkadiii mose

Dispatcher 2 weeks ago

Ahh the month of January is coming to an end that's the diesase l know, regai tipiwe salary

2 weeks ago


Agrarian Back 2 weeks ago

Gutu, Buhera, Murehwa, Chipinge, Masvingo was wiped out.

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