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Govt Disbands National Joint Negotiating Council

Govt Disbands National Joint Negotiating Council

The government has given in to pressure from civil servants’ unions to disband the National Joint Negotiating Council (NJNC), which the workers claimed had yielded nothing after two years.

The NJNC brought together the government and unions representing civil servants for negotiations on the latter’s salaries and conditions of service.

Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare minister Paul Mavima said the government will replace the council with the Collective Bargaining Chamber (CBC). He said:

We are in the process of creating a CBC to replace the NJNC. I, therefore, call upon you all to give your views on this exciting development and to ensure that you contribute meaningfully to this process.

Mavima made the revelations while addressing delegates attending a Zimbabwe Teachers Association workshop on the need for social dialogue.

Last month, the Federation of Zimbabwe Educators Union (FOZEU) wrote to Mavima advising him that the APEX Council had withdrawn from the NJNC and the Health Service Bipartite Negotiating Forum (BNP) forum.

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Government employees must not be overjoyed with the fact that NJNC has been disbanded.

It was not the name NJNC which was frustrating government employees's efforts to get salaries increments. The same players, Ministers Professor Ncube and Paul Mavima, who frustrated government workers from accessing increments are still going to be present in the new Collective Bargaining Chamber [ CBC ] formation.

These two Minister guys must stop teasing government workers. In the NJNC these two have been promising workers that they were going to consult their principal and come back in due time. Guys went for good and rarely came back until workers threated a strike when the rtgs will have been eroded seriously. They must bury these shenanigans together with NJNC and come to CBC with a clean slates.



Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

EnglishTeacher 1 week ago

Does Mavhima know the meaning of the word "exciting". D.o.f.o. sa M u t u r i

dhlodhlo 1 week ago

good at names and empty programmes,Maguta, Command,Pfumvudza,2030 vision, remember Healthy for all by 2020,yet there's no bandage at Pari and Gomo,Nothing will come out of all this.garai nenzara maCivil servants,muchamhanyira kunovhotesa musingavhoti mopihwa tunzungu nezec,mochemazve 2023 to 2028 kusvika mapera neBp neStress,Ian Smith was a great leader

Kingmao 1 week ago

CBC, NJNC whatever name they give to that platform doesn't put food on gvmt workers tables neither does it pay fees for their offsprings. There's nothing exciting in name changes Cdes. Excitement can only be experienced when salaries are paid in hard currency.
These 2 professors are good at manipulating Civil Servants. Now the year will soon end while they claim to be consulting. Consulting on What is there anything new? Even dogs & cats know what Civil Servants need. Kkkkkkkk it's really amaizing

XXX 1 week ago

It's a worst of time to put Unions in place , when they is Dictatorship type of Leadership. Strip all unions mokontinya neyamunongoita.

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