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Govt Directs Harare To Reverse Its Decision To Terminate The Pomona Waste Project Deal

Govt Directs Harare To Reverse Its Decision To Terminate The Pomona Waste Project Deal

The central government has directed Harare City Council (HCC) to reverse its decision to terminate the US$344 million Pomona Waste to Energy Project.

HCC rejected the deal which it said was:

1). Superimposed by the Central Government through the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works.

2). Has a negative impact on the council and ratepayers in particular.

According to the Harare-Geogenix BV agreement, Harare should pay US$40 per tonne of garbage for the estimated 550 tonnes per day delivery or a damage fee of US$3.5 million.

Harare does not have the capacity to deliver 550 tonnes of garbage per day and is expected to fail.

Documents seen by ZBC News indicate that a council meeting held on August 3 resolved to among other things exercise the termination clause in its contract with Geo Pomona Waste Management (Pvt) Limited and mandated the Acting Chamber Secretary to proceed with the necessary action.

However, in a letter dated 27 August 2022, the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works directed the council in terms of Section 314 of the Urban Councils Act (Chapter 29:15) to revisit its position, considering that the project was granted the national project status.

Local Government and Public Works Minister, July Moyo stated that the council’s decision is not in the interests of Harare residents, and as such, the government was not going to accept such an action.

The Minister says the local government authority’s decision will erode investor confidence.

The Pomona Waste to Energy Project was approved in May this year, with a German investor, Geogenix BV (fronted by Dylish Nguwaya) investing 304 million Euros, with up to 22MW of electricity expected to be generated by the project.

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Tintin 2 months ago

yadzoka mudariro zvakare...inga zvakaoma.

g 2 months ago

nhai veduweee.....muda kuti nguwaya apiwe Mari naniko vachikunguru. mupeika imi sezvamakamboita pacovidgate pamakabhadhara 1 mask@ $4 usd.

Ratepayer 2 months ago

Don't do it.

Chinese zodiac 2 months ago

July geodix firetenders pomona is back .he is back and craving for those pomona dollaz

Chinese zodiac 2 months ago

Kkk akuirwera rute marii yeHcc mate akuita kuzara mukanwa akangozvifunga zvete zvechidhiri ichochi

dambu 2 months ago

kkk July moyo irikuida mari iyi

Wanguda 2 months ago

I think residents should decide... That deal stinks


Gwedu 2 months ago

It is on the interest of the people of Harare. July Moyo is extravagant and a thief. He must be arrested instead. Hakuna zvakadaro haiwawo

Rtgs 2 months ago

Juju waisimbirira mari iyi manje todii nda povho irikuti hazviite

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

Harare residents can't afford such if they already failing to clear their water and Zesa bills...


The deal stinks there is no way the residents can foot the bill. The central government should let the residents decide and not to force the deal down their throats. Those who organised and signed the contract face the music. Investor confidence has already been eroded because of such kind of deals which are rotten to the core.

Nimrod 2 months ago

Why is July Moto so upbeat about this case? There was a court case on this from residents, what was the outcome? this investment stinks and one wonders why it was adopted in the first place. Yakangofanana nema fire fighting trucks aye. Gvt should watch from the sidelines and not be actively involved

#101 2 months ago

July July July

Hercules 2 months ago

funding ZANU PF campaigns

lulaz 2 months ago

Zanu pf must go full stop.kudyiwa takasvinura sematemba

??? 1 month ago

Kkk July wadzoka Muna October

srt 1 month ago

If you check records of this July Moyo ,you will find out that he has several scandals e.g disrupting council operations, failing public transport systems, Bulawayo fire tenders,Harare pomona and the reports which circulated some months ago that even the president was considering firing him from the ministerial post.The list goes on and now what baffles the mind is, after a very terrible performance ,why the administration is still keeping such a person to run a ministry with such a disgraceful performance.What will come out of a deal where poor residence are crying of high rates and yet the minister on the other side is imposing the bill unto the residence? Why is he antagonistic to reality?

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