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Govt Deploys More Teachers To Rural Schools

Govt Deploys More Teachers To Rural Schools

The Government has recruited 3 904 teachers, with most of them deployed to remote areas that are always facing staff shortages.

In March, the Public Service Commission (PSC) approved the recruitment of 1 464 teachers. This means that a total of 5 368 teachers have been employed since the beginning of the year.

The combined figures of teachers recruited in 2022 are more than 50 per cent of the targeted 10 000 teachers that were requested by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.

The newly recruited teachers will be deployed to both primary and secondary schools.

Primary and Secondary Education communications and advocacy director Taungana Ndoro said schools in remote areas will get teachers who come from those communities in order to address constant transfers of teachers. Said Ndoro:

Most of the teachers that get deployed there end up requesting for transfer to join their families or move closer to home.

That is where we have challenges as some just occupy the position for just one or two years and then transfer.

There are others who don’t take up the assumption of duty in those areas maybe because they don’t come from those areas.

Therefore, there has been a deliberate effort to try and recruit teachers from particular communities to teach within those communities who will be able to stay longer in those communities and hopefully not transfer.

Ndoro said the latest recruitment of teachers will go a long way in addressing the shortcomings that exist in the education sector. He said:

It is significant because it will then help us adhere to Standard Operating Procedures so that we do not have bloated classrooms.

It also assists us in areas where there are no teachers at all and also for certain learning areas that are lagging behind.

It is a step in the right direction and as the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, we are very happy that the Public Service Commission and the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare have recruited those teachers.

We expect to get more teachers as the year progresses and even in future because we are in need of more teachers but this is a step in the right direction.

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Asalif 1 month ago

@Blue did you see that classroom block in our last discussion you blasted British gvt and America do you know that most rural schools were built and developed by NGOs now you stopped them so chip in an build proper infrastructure in my area there was Plan international it funded from classroom blocks, ablution, WASH, teachers accommodation, furniture and text books but now everything is gone into thin air a rural schooler is suffering

teacher 1 month ago

pandakaona izvi ndakabva ndadzokera kumusika kunotengesa

Chamhamha 1 month ago

Is this a school or itsaka yekugarira makudo mumunda. Something must be done done fast. Imboendesai vana venyu vanodzidza ikoko tione kuti zvoita here. You expect someone 's child kuti abudirire mune zvakadai. New curriculum yenyu iyoyo vanoita sei ipo pasina zvakakwana kubvira kumaclass kwacho kusvika kumagetsi or macomputers

chidhori 1 month ago

ghavhumenti deploys more tichaz ......ko zvikoro zvacho zvawedzerwa ere

VYBZ KARTEL 1 month ago

20000 inebasa rei.

dd 1 month ago

ipapo boo


Ed 1 month ago

Sarari haitenge mubhedha.. Haitenge chinhu

Taps mugande 1 month ago

Aaaaa kukariba rural kurikungouya vemasvingo wani iko kuine veko vakadzidza, aaaaa munonyepereiko mazanu huori corruption chete iyi

cute 1 month ago

kupindira basa risingabhadhare kuti uyendeswe kunoita rombe kumapurazi

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