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Govt Considers Proposed Measures To Manage Increased Electricity Demand

Govt Considers Proposed Measures To Manage Increased Electricity Demand

The government Tuesday considered measures proposed to manage increased demand for electricity which is being attributed to increased activity in the economy. The local power utility, the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) recently increased load-shedding countrywide. The country’s power generators are producing insufficient electricity and imported power is not enough to plug the shortage. In a post-Cabinet media briefing on Tuesday, the government spokesperson said:


Cabinet considered and noted Proposals on Managing the Increased Demand for Electricity occasioned by increasing activity in the economy, as presented by the Minister of Energy and Power Development, Honourable Zhemu Soda.

Cabinet notes, with pleasure, that increased economic activity, especially in the agricultural and mining sectors as well as the manufacturing sector, has increased the demand for electricity. Furthermore, ongoing massive housing and other infrastructural development projects has increased the consumption of electricity. This calls for efficiency in the production, distribution and use of electrical power.

The stepped application of the electricity tariff whereby users who consume above a certain threshold are charged at a higher rate is already in application in order to deter inefficient use of national grid electricity. The Renewable Energy Policy also stipulates the enhanced use of solar and renewable energy sources by consumers. For instance, new housing units being constructed are required to install solar geysers. The net-metering system is also being implemented.

Domestic consumers with solar panels on their rooftops which are connected to the national grid, can sell any excess power that they generate to the national grid. In general, the use of off-grid electrical power through the use of solar energy allows consumers a significant measure of control over their electricity energy costs. Accordingly, the whole production, supply, distribution and retailing framework of electrical power is being reviewed to take into account these positive developments in the economy.   

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Tio4 1 month ago

Let me quote "The government Tuesday considered measures proposed to manage increased demand for electricity which is being attributed to increased activity in the economy."  This is crazy absolutely crazy. Kushomekana kwemagetsi kwavakunzi its attributed to increased activity in the economy people are now running mad. Economic activity is measured by the countrys GDP, Trade deficit/surplus kwete izvi zvekupenga izvi. Bootlicking yacho iyi yazonyanya. Agriculture hakuna chiriko kana 1 nyika kutadza kurima wheat relaying on imports, mines dzipi ikokwazara makorokoza, industry ipi when unemployment levels are so high,kupinda muma locations on a working day unototi its a weekend,

Cable Guy 1 month ago

Well quoted your honor

Ret 1 month ago


consumer 1 month ago

increased economic activity???😂

Cable Guy 1 month ago


Z 1 month ago

utter Rubbish...

xxx 1 month ago

two days ago they said there had been a technical fault at hwange now this.

mnangagwa ingochani 1 month ago

lies on top of lies and yet some people still believe this ****

Blue 💙 1 month ago

Kana uri murombo you start to think that everyone is poor like you/.If you don't have activity that doesn't mean the whole country doesn't. Remember our country is actually forecasted for 3 percent economic growth 💹 , your whining won't change anything


Mkanya 1 month ago

Rubbish.... Industry is virtually dead no farming mining is done by makorokoza who does not use electricity. This cabinet is useless

VYBZ KARTEL 1 month ago

Make money don't sit on your bum the whole day waiting for a Messiah called ka chamisa to come save you. Others are making it work and the economy is growing while you sit on your bums.

Zimbo 1 month ago

It's winter... that's all

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