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Govt Bans Holiday Lessons

Govt Bans Holiday Lessons

The Government has banned holiday extra lessons to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Previously, schools would conduct holiday lessons usually for two weeks, allowing learners to catch up and also to cover areas of the syllabus that may have been left out during the term.

However, the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has sent officials to schools to ensure that extra lessons are not being conducted during the holiday. The Ministry’s spokesperson, Taungana Ndoro, said:

We can’t allow the holiday lesson where there will be no proper monitoring of pupils in school which could fuel the COVID-19 cases.

Government has put in place adequate measures to ensure that pupils who are behind on their syllabi due to whatever reasons catch up.

They have been given lots of homework that they will be working on during the holiday such that when schools open for the second term, they will be ready to go.

Speaking to NewsDay, Zimbabwe National Union of School Heads (ZINUSH) secretary-general Munyaradzi Majoni, said:

We have received reports from our members that some officials are already visiting schools to check if there were plans to hold extra lessons during the holidays.

However, in light of the prolonged impasse between the government, school heads and teachers, which saw pupils failing to attend lessons for over two weeks, it was prudent for government to allow pupils to attend extra holiday lessons if they deem it necessary.

Pupils need a lot of time to catch up after they lost it to the strike but unfortunately, government has banned holiday lessons, which disadvantages the learners.

The first term only commenced in February, almost a month after the original date due to rising COVID-19 cases. Thereafter, teachers embarked on a strike which further prejudiced learners of precious learning time.

The 2022 first term ended on Thursday, 07 April, and the second term is scheduled to commence on Tuesday, 3 May.

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Tom tom 1 month ago

Vote for change people tiku tungamirirwa nemhandu

zhengli 1 month ago

Nyika iyi mongoida henyu bt haaaaaaaa no this is not it ....these pple are evil ungati ndivo vanonyengera satan mazanu such broad daylight....and have you pple noticed kt Zimbabwe inobata maforeigners like eggs bt isu tikaenda kune dzimwe nyika toitwa yese yese.....zvkusvika pakti even in our own country tinosvika pakubatwa junkies with those in power and hu abuse it on us....Tts ndichiti ngaapinde hake for I have 2 good days thinking of how families and marriages have vanished, collapsed and deteriorated the numbers are so escalating, at the same time early marriages prostitution..robberies...that bond yaiitwa kudhara hakuchina pple are hustling muzvi *R* imomu....couples staying away (distanced) for more than 1yr be it new married or difference....the madalas are still working pension funds acho akadhakwa...kufa uchishanda sewachi.....we need our bread basket of Africa back....hatingaoneri life kunext door not this time....we are putting to much effort for our sustainability....if this effort was to be put on a well economy Zimbabwe would be far away developed and with plenty of riches *Canaan* milk and honey
Right now munhu ane degree reA/C ari padoor reZupco apa haasi kubhadharwa inokwana
Inflation is sky rocketing and you think printing new notes will solve we saw this in 07/08 it won't work actually you are catalysing inflation
Civil servant is going for side hustle vamwe arikumakomba muri ikuda kunodya
You pple took power wen evrything was in place and running bt ryt now mvura chaiyo toudza zvemaborehole are you for real 🤔
...olk fine lets say what you are saying is true which we know it's not of giving free education be it at watever stage...then what, right now with the number yekadzidza plus yacho ye free motiitisei zvimwe muchiti totamba
With the looting tts done in Zimbabwe as compared to the population..munhu wese anokwanisa kuva ne1million USD then the rest modya henyu bt problem they don't have pple at heart
So tikutsvirei 1 haisi tea,2.haina sugar, 3.kkupisa ft motipfekedzajuzi plus machira pmsoro *HAIKONA*
*sikuka mwana wezimbabwe, sukhuma t'ana wasekhaya, let all stand up Zimbabwe...*
New baby born 🐣🐥
Yellow nation


Kasi Lyfstyl 1 month ago

Yekan ingane ziye eskolo ziyofunda coz bazaFail without amaHoliday lesson so scela I government ibone iplan yokwenza

Chen 1 month ago

Who is Government, to hell with you iwe Government iwewe. You send your children to elite private international school, where you pay high fees obtained from proceeds of Corruption, were their is no strikes or hot sitting, whilst our day we sent them to Government schools were their is strike , and no teaching is taking place. You are trying to destroy our children future by suprassing us not to send our children for extra lessons as a way of compensating lost hours due to strikes and hot sitting. Your time is due instead of concentrating on how to recusitate our economy you start to concentrate with useless things. To hell with this Government of today , we are SIC and TIRED of your strategies of propaganda between lower class and upper class.

bhu 1 month ago

ko iyo covid yacho inongobata nekusimuka panoitwa maExtra lessons chete

during normal school going days the virus would be dormant like seriously

we are being lead by unelected incompetent people

bhutete 1 month ago

mhazi chirumhanzu "seconded"

Mhazi Chirumanzu 1 month ago

Siyai vana vaende kunodzidza takabhadhara mari yedu nezuro. covid ne salary zvakavatadzisa kudzidza pamasure apo saka tabhadhara tega kuvarairidzi regai vana vedu vadzidze apo haa. venyu munodaidza me teachers kumba munoti hatizvizivi here, kuda kuti vedu vafoire vagozoshandiswa nevenyu vanenge vapasa, manje varikutoenda kuma extra kwacho nemari yedu.covid yatanga nhasi inonzi ichabata paholiday........ haiwawo


Ribvungu 1 month ago

we can always conduct them at home, we already took the parents's money

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