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Govt Announces Grain Producer Prices

Govt Announces Grain Producer Prices

The government has announced pre-planting producer prices for the present summer cropping season in United States dollars.

Maize is set at US$335 per metric tonne, almost the same as what an imported tonne would cost once landed in Zimbabwe, according to The Herald.

Other grains:

i). Producer prices for traditional grains were set at US$335 a tonne;

ii). Soya beans at US$597.59 a tonne,

iii). Sunflower at US$687.23 a tonne,

iv). Cotton: a). grade D at US$0.40/kg, b). grade C at US$0.41/kg, c). grade B at US$0.43kg/kg d).  Grade A US$0.46/kg.

Lands and Agriculture minister Anxious Masuka and Finance minister Mthuli Ncube made the announcement in a joint statement issued Wednesday.

Masuka said GMB and the Cotton Company of Zimbabwe would only purchase strategic commodities (Maize, traditional grains, soya bean and cotton) financed under the Presidential Inputs programme and from self-financed farmers. GMB may also purchase grains from contractors. He said:

All contractors including the Food Crop Contractors Association, CBZ Bank, AFC Bank are obligated to buy back contracted crops at market prices.

Self-financed farmers will sell to the best advantage of the market or to GMB and Cottco. GMB will provide commercial warehouse receipt services to grain contractors. Government will issue a statutory instrument that mandates private players to provide returns on storage grains to be able to track national stocks of maize and other grains.

Cotton farmers have been getting 75% of their payments in United States dollars and the balance in local currency following the declaration of cotton as an export crop by the central bank.

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Führer 1 month ago

Hail the Zanu pf government ✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼

mthwakazi ka ndaba 1 month ago

hail to Zanupf for buying a whole kilogram of Cotton at 40c

Führer 1 month ago

International prices

ngorima mushava 1 month ago

how much is a kg of cotton on the international market??

Sabhuku 1 month ago

makatadza kubhadhara wheat mozogona kubhadhara chibage, tangai Manipal free education like you promised in July

Führer 1 month ago

Imi itai ma spaghetti road acho zvamuri kutonga Harare yacho.

@fuhrer 1 month ago

uri do4 zanu brainwashed urirombe hauna mari hauna basa asi vaunosapota vanayo shame on you kafon kekunhonga underwear chaiyo unotengerwa namai biz kusapota zvisina basa I don't support failures

Hameno 1 month ago

Aunofunga kuti kutambura kwaurikuita kutori normal here no kana washandawo wanawo something chinobatika kwete kushandira pasina ngavape varimi Mari inotengainotenga period

Ashley Scott 1 month ago

chibage vangachigone ivava regai tione mari idzo adzina anopiwa unoita 5 years usati wapiwa ukazoita mhanza waipiwa inenge isisatenge bvumai kukundikana


1 month ago

This @Fuhrer guy's contributions are quite shallow and boring and he comments on almost every issue Somebody must have told him that he is very intelligent and then forgot to tell him that he or she was joking

bhidzo 1 month ago

same fanana na@ nostro vostro pamwe munhu 1

Vinicius 1 month ago

Useless hurumende 70% yewarimi weWheat hawasati wapuhwa mari dzake since. September 2022 waakutaura zve****

Vinicius 1 month ago

Useless hurumende 70% yewarimi weWheat hawasati wapuhwa mari dzawo since. September 2022 waakutaura zve****

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