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Government Takes Back Idle Farms

Government Takes Back Idle Farms

The Government has withdrawn offer letters from two farmers in Manicaland Province who were not utilising the land.

The two farmers were granted land totalling 600 hectares under the Land Reform Programme.

In a notice on Monday, Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development Minister Anxious Masuka said the farms were being withdrawn as one of the owners was not utilising the land, while the other farm had not been taken up. He said:

Notice is hereby given to the land beneficiary that the acquiring authority intends to withdraw his offer letter for not taking up his plot in contravention of the terms and conditions of their offer letters.

The beneficiary should respond to the notice within 14 working days of this publication.

The respondents were identified as van Rensburg of Cavala Farm in Makoni, and one E Matibiri of Brondesbury Farm in Nyanga.

Cavala Farm was abandoned while Brondesbury had not been taken up.

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Stanley Zimbudzana 6 months ago

Why not give maEx-convicts this idle Land considering their experience on farming due to forced labour whilst incarcerated this will dovetail with ZPCS mission statement that says INCASARATE,REHABILITATE AND RE-INTEGRATE BACK INTO SOCIETY.SAKA PA RE-INTEGRATE APO VEDUWE

Doroguru 6 months ago

Takazvitaura kare izvi kuti land redistribution was hap hazard. Maipa vanhu na200h of land forgetting kuti vanhu vacharamba vachizvarwa munyika and the more they grow,the bigger the demand for land. Afterall,for one to qualify to be citizen of a country,one has to own agricultural land. Dai makapa vanhu ma5h pamunhu then reserve the rest for future redistribution zvino misoro yenyu yakaoma plus umbimbindoga hwakawandisa. Ini hangu ndiikungoda 2h chete chete🤷

Greedy 6 months ago

Kkkkk iyo yekwa Makoni iyo Handiti yapuhwa The Late Priminister of Zimbabwe Rhodesia Abel Muzorewa akati handiyidi cause it was grabed So I was told 🙄 bt Comrades just 2 the whole Country aaah......🤔

s class 6 months ago


NHM 6 months ago

Tangai neyemaMinister enyu


s class 6 months ago

isukuno tirikuto shaiwa pekurima pakasununguka.endererai mberi

Chapwititi 6 months ago

Is this not reversing the Gains of the liberation struggle?

Patrick Kuzakwawo 6 months ago

If they are not being utilised ngaatorwe,we cant be buying maize from other countries isu tiine minda isiri kurimwa,Asiri kurima ngaatorerwe,its long overdue.

ngwene 6 months ago

Minda ngautorwe...... kuno a lot of farms are idle in Mashcentral

Legend 6 months ago

Ivhu kumunhu wese ngaatorwe tiwane pekurima kutogarira zvavo mapurazi tipei tirime zvedu isu

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