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Government Is Not Sincere In Educating Its Children - Tanya Muzinda

Government Is Not Sincere In Educating Its Children - Tanya Muzinda

Tanyaradzwa Adel Muzinda, a Zimbabwean motocross rider, has said the government is not sincere in educating its children. She speaks amid a deadlock between the government and teachers who are refusing to return to work until the government pays them US$540 they were being paid in 2018.

There have been clashes between the government and teachers in the past two years with the employees declaring incapacitation to fulfil their contractual duties. They argue that the inflation eroded their salaries and a piecemeal approach to the problem was not helping hence the need to just restore the United States Dollar-denominated salaries.

Schools were reopened on the 7th of this month after being closed in December and some teachers are adamant they will not go back to work despite the government reviewing their salaries up by 20 per cent.

The employer has also offered US$100 to workers across the board, but they say the increment was too insignificant. Some teachers, about 90 per cent of all teachers, according to the Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ), have since been suspended for three months without pay for refusing to go to work.

Commenting on the impasse, Tanya Muzinda, now based in the United States, says the government should fund the education sector. She said:

Government is not sincere in educating its children. Schools where not closed because of Covid it was an excuse to delay the inevitable, the sector is incapacitated. Instead of suspending teachers, Government must suspend corruption for three months. Fund the education sector Now!!!

Some said Tanya was talking sense and urged the whole nation to rally behind the teachers.

Some said parents should ditch government schools and go for private-owned ones as ignorance is more expensive than fees paid in private schools.

Private schools are more expensive than government schools, something that has been keeping cash-strapped parents from sending their kids to better schools. 

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