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Government Investigates Absentee Teachers

Government Investigates Absentee Teachers

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education is investigating cases of teachers who did not report for duty when schools opened on 7 February to ascertain whether their reasons for their absence are genuine or not.

The Public Service Commission (PSC) had given the absentee teachers until Tuesday, 22 February to resume work or be regarded as having resigned voluntarily.

The majority of teachers failed to report for duty when schools opened early this month citing incapacitation.

The teachers were also demanding pre-October 2018 US dollar salaries of up to US$540 per month.

Primary and Secondary Education communication and advocacy director, Taungana Ndoro said that they need up to two weeks to complete their investigations. Ndoro said:

Someone did not come but was not able to give a reason, a valid reason. So we need to give a little bit more time for us to actually say, this person did not come to work deliberately.

We can’t give statistics and figures of those who really absconded from duty as of now. Perhaps in one or two weeks, we shall get a clear picture.

What if that person was unconscious, injured or involved in an accident and they don’t know what transpired?

So there’s a lot of due diligence that we need to do to find out what is really on the ground.

Perhaps in two weeks’ time, we would have published that there are people who are no longer part of the system.

We may even receive resignation letters as there are a lot of things at play. There are people who would say, ‘I don’t know why you want to fire me, as I actually resigned’.

For those who weren’t at work and only pitched up on February 22, the same will happen, due diligence will take place.

They shall be asked why they were not at work.

Early this month, the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education suspended striking teachers and school heads without pay for three months.

However, a High Court challenge by teachers’ unions to stay the suspensions was granted.

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Yellow 2 months ago

Vandoro hama yangu hapana chisingaperi uyezve chinobhururuka chinomhara, zvenyu vagoni makarongeka upenyu hwenyu hwese munozvitonhodza nemisodzi yevamwe, ichiri nguva yenyu chimboitai henyu

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

I blame the government for giving $50 on the streets in the name of bereau de change instead of simple channel that forex to the civil servants,
imagine a Civil servant buying forex from those who don't go to work have time to queue for the $50 and sell it to the needy Civil Servants.

Us in industry we feel pity for civil servants because industry sells their products in US$ and this 2022 we will push the employers for salaries in forex and they will bow, truly how can a company sell products in US$ then go burn the money to get Rtgs$ to pay salaries while ZCTU is watching?

Zvazvanga zvingori 2 months ago

That Taungana Ndoro guy is a physcriatic case I tell.Busy bootlicking vanhu vachifa nenzara.You are going nowhere .The stay of suspension was granted by the high court.Infact mhanya unoitira manurse nemadoctor dzungu rako iroro uone.VP vakambozviita vakazopeta muswe.Your govt is too broke to mount legal court challenges with it's employees.If they fire say 10000 teachers along these lines they would have created 10000 individual court cases,which I know the govt will lose.Its simply failing to respect its own Constitution.Am beginning to think the ZANU Constitution is now being used to run the affairs of the country

General 2 months ago

On this platform we got e likes of Vybz Kartel who behave exactly like Ndoro..zanu 🧬 dna detected

Mudzidzisi 2 months ago

The real reason is "They were & and are still incapacitated", simple. Munodireyi kutsvaga muroyi pamunhu ayita suicide.

GOOD CITIZEN 2 months ago


Tkt 2 months ago

F#ck you Ndoro, i repeat it F#uck youuuuuu


Hello 2 months ago


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