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Government Has Procured 100 Ambulances - Health Ministry

Government Has Procured 100 Ambulances - Health Ministry

The Deputy Minister of Health and Child Care, Dr John Mangwiro has said the government has taken delivery of 100 ambulances that are set to be distributed across the country’s 10 provinces soon.

So far, some of the ambulances have been fully kitted, while the Government awaits more kits for the remaining emergency health vehicles. Said Mangwiro:

Yes, I can confirm that we have procured those ambulances and they are now in the country. You can get further information from the Ministry of Finance (and Economic Development), who are responsible for the purchase, they have been busy with the logistics of providing funding for the purchase of the ambulances and other finer details.

Communications and advocacy director in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development Mr Clive Mphambela said all the 100 ambulances are now in the country and they will be commissioned on a date to be advised soon.

He added that the kits have been acquired for the remaining ambulances and the ministry is about to receive these materials and start fitting the vehicles. Mphambela added that kitting is done locally.

Each province is set to receive between eight to 10 ambulances once they have been all kitted. As of December 31, 2018, the ministry had 282 ambulances and out of the 282 ambulances, 134 were functional whilst 148 were non-runners.

Zimbabwe has 63 districts in the country’s health system and studies say each district should have at least two functional ambulances and qualified personnel. 

More: The Sunday Mail

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Obedia 9 months ago

Bought thru Queen 'B' of course

hope 9 months ago

weldone Hopewell chin"ono basa urikurova

factos 9 months ago

ma honda futi

Machiavelli 9 months ago

Where are the Radiotherapy machines kandi?

Jinn 9 months ago

Can we see pic 🎇,I don't trust these olds

Chapwititi Kestombela 9 months ago

Queen B is buying all these things using tax payers money then claim that he used his own funds. I will make sure that this deal of paying Trafigura with nickel and gold without any paperwork or monitoring fails dismally. We are mounting the mother of all court challenge to stop this nonsense forthwith. Gure wamkuru watch the space

Chifamba Never 9 months ago

Mukuru muri pahasha these days naye mukuru wezvigure uyu kkkkkkk

Tom n Jerry 9 months ago

zvobiwa zvose zvimota izvo hazvisvike kuzvipatara.


msaigwa 9 months ago

tinotenda,asi haaana fuel manje

Dr Hercules 9 months ago

With this gvt 100 is actually less on the ground or nothing kkkk you d be surprised to learn that it's just a number on paper

a 9 months ago

"all ambulances are now in the country and they will be commissioned on the date to be advised soon' ko kungoti they will be commissioned kana va Munangagwa vave free nhaimi?

Chapwititi Kestombela 9 months ago

Dira rizare wangu 🥃

a lite 9 months ago

ED anoita free everytime,ko anenge achiitei iye arirovhawo sesu mavendor

Alois 9 months ago

Good move

bid 9 months ago

mazhin zhong hope not

mafirakureva 9 months ago

maFAW (For A Week). After one week they will all have broken down. Back to Scotch Cart Ambulances

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