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Government Announces Loans, Capacity-building Workshops For People With Disabilities

Government Announces Loans, Capacity-building Workshops For People With Disabilities

The government is targeting to provide revolving loans to 1 000 people with disabilities (PWDs) countrywide, according to the Chronicle.

PWDs will access up to US$1 000 which will be provided in local currency at the interbank rate while grants of US$3 000 equivalent will be allocated to groups of people living with disabilities.

This is part of the broader strategy that has been adopted by the Department of Disability Affairs in the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare to promote, protect and ensure that they enjoy their rights.

Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Professor Paul Mavima revealed this on Wednesday during the National Assembly Question and Answer session saying this will address problems associated with some PWDs begging on the streets. He said:

The Department of Disability Affairs has procured over 300 assistive devices for PWDs which are equitably distributed throughout the 10 provinces in Zimbabwe. Additionally, the Department of Disability Affairs is targeting to provide over 1 000 PWDs with disability revolving loans and special grants.

Please note, individuals with disabilities will receive loans amounting to US$1 000 equivalent to the prevailing current Zimbabwean dollar rate and PWDs groups of 10 will receive special grants amounting to US$3 000 equivalent to the prevailing current Zimbabwean dollar rate.

Mavima expressed concern over the use of minors by people with disabilities while they begged on the streets. He said the government is considering putting them in foster care.

He said Government will further consider providing capacity-building training workshops on positive parenting skills specifically targeting parents with disabilities who are begging on the streets being accompanied by minors.

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Enisto Alibaba 1 month ago

M vry happy to hear abt these funds to hlp the disabled m one of them nd i hv heard these kind of ideas since i dnt know when but what happens on the ground is a different story plz minister announce these good news on all radio stations tv news time cause i feel some disabled organosation are not doing enaf to spread the information to all benefactors instead they secretly tell their nearest disabled frends in the area their offices are situated nd themselves only remember these organisation r full of disabled also so they r the ones who benefit first cause they mke sure the info ends ipapo also they run to present a list of names to benefit those moneys nd some of the names written on the list r not even disabled so be careful zim disabled ppl wake up go for this nd lastly plz minister give us dates when these programs starts tisasarirewo tanzwa nenhamo lastly to all disabled ppl love each other avoid corruption in your organasations pamberi nekubatana behave as one big family hapana orgnisation inomirira zvirema iri superior than others thank you!

mama Bee 1 month ago

batsiraiwo aripanze nevana uyu kwaMutare pliz

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