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Gokwe Woman "Banished" For Rejecting Village Head's Love Proposal

Gokwe Woman

In a case of abuse of power by traditional leaders, a Gokwe woman had to travel 55 kilometres on foot to Chief Nemangwe’s place in her quest for justice after she was allegedly banished from her village after she turned down a local village head love proposal.

Writing for The Guiding Star, Perseverance Javangwe said the woman, identified as Mai Masvibiriri, was told to vacate her place by the headman in the village after she allegedly turned down the headman’s love proposal.

The village head allegedly want to give the plot to his alleged girlfriend identified as Tunye Dhlana.

Mai Masvibiriri told the publication that she was given the place by the headman identified as Sabhuku Mupasiwa five years back when her husband was still alive but sick during that time.

Following her husband’s death last year, Headman Mupasiwa allegedly proposed love to her but she spurned the proposal.

This reportedly did not go down well with the traditional leader, prompting him to notify Masvibiriri that she should vacate the premises and find another place to live. Speaking to The Guding Star, Masvibiriri said:

When my husband fell sick we were given a place to stay. While there, my husband passed on and the headman advised that he be buried where we stay since it was his will.

The headman is now proposing love to me but I turned him dome. So because I refused, he is now saying I should leave my stand and find another place to stay in order to make way for his girlfriend.

Last year, his girlfriend came and marked a place just behind my house and built a foundation there. I then went and reported the issue at the Chief’s kraal.

But, before that, the headman reported the issue to Chief Ngomeni and I felt cheated because he did not do justice to the issue, so I went to Chief Nemangwe to report the case.

Chief Nemangwe advised the headman to find another place for his girlfriend, but when we returned the headman went against that.

I then called Chief Nemangwe who then sent his police officer who came and told me that considering I was given the place by the headman no one was supposed to remove me there.

The headman kept coming until one day he said “you are not supposed to be here, I told you to find another place.”

Now they keep reporting me to the police and if I go to the police, the headman does not show up for discussions on the issue.

When I went to Gokwe, the police said I should return home since he did not show up.

I have gone to Gokwe three times and they keep saying no one showed up and I always return home empty-handed.

On top of that, I have a challenge with transport expenses which I cannot afford.

This prompted the woman to travel to Chief Nemangwe’s court on foot through thickets, a distance of 55km.

However, Headman Mupasiwa refuted the allegations levelled against him saying he was cleared by the Chief in the matter and was advised to leave the two women to deal with the situation on their own.

The Guiding Star reported a source as saying Village Head Mupasiwa is a habitual womaniser and Mai Masvibiriri was being punished for refusing to bed the traditional leader. Said the source:

What l know about Village Head Mupasiwa is that he is adulterous, and also goes after widows in our societies.

Chief Nemangwe could not be reached for a comment on this issue as his mobile phone was unreachable.

More: The Guiding Star

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Tintin 1 month ago

zviriko kana muBible ukaramba rudo rwaMwari kugehena pfee.

😏😏😏 1 month ago

Vharazipi na mbuya Mai Jonh kkkkk

🗣️ Voiceless🇿🇼 1 month ago

hmmmm warasika apo wangu, mind you this is a widow, whose being over powered by a man who thinks has the right to do what's so ever towards her.
we can't joke about that matter,it's serious and imagine if it's one of your relatives being treated that way.

gogodera 1 month ago

Lula Lula todiniko nayo

Da Truth 1 month ago

I grew up in a place like this .Masabhuku anopiwa too much power vopedzisira varasika vakunyenga vakadzi vevanhu vari ku Joni ,ma town ASI Havana zvavanoita bcz they are protected by the law .They are the chief,s eyes normally these people are related to the chief.So nyaya inongozofa monzii endai munogara zvakanaka nevana Mazi maita Seiko eeee iwee mzukuru tosara totaura navo sekuru vako Ava chienda asi hariperi . Pliz masabhuku ngava singer chaiko.

🗣️ Voiceless🇿🇼 1 month ago

mmm warasika apo wangu, mind you this is a widow, whose being over powered by a man who thinks has the right to do what's so ever towards her.
we can't joke about that matter,it's serious and imagine if it's one of your relatives being treated that way.

these women need respect and protected.

ZBC 1 month ago

Traditional leader aguta mangayi uyo, todzi fambira nyaya dzacho a m a m e so. Another issue Monica Mutsvangwa is going nothing at ZBC......Pindula plz Dina research on the programs in ZBC 13:00 to 16:30 Monday to Friday. They did repeat one same program everyday Ice Girl film. They are wasting our resources ...ZBC your time is up. This time yobwilly see the reality

Father Zimbabwe 1 month ago

Why are still watching Dead Bee Sea😂😂😂

The King of Serpents 1 month ago

@Tintin.....taura hako, akashinga uyo, kuona ZBC these days? I wouldn't be surprised if the ZBC bosses only stream Netflix, Disney+, HBO etc. Ndane almost 5 years or more ndisina kuona ZBC

Tintin 1 month ago

zvivindi zvako zvekuona zbc umm ndatya nazvo.

ZBC 1 month ago

Traditional leader aguta mangayi uyo, todzi fambira nyaya dzacho a m a m e so. Another issue Monica Mutsvangwa is doing nothing at ZBC......Pindula plz do a research on the programs on ZBC 13:00 to 16:30 Monday to Thursday. They do repeat one same program everyday why...e.g Ice Girl film. They are wasting our resources, carton acho kana vana vedu hapana chavari kudzidza m
kana..ZBC your time is up. This time yo will see the reality.... better mufe henyu

bvanyangu 1 month ago

it's high time this arrangement of sabhukus and chiefs was done away with, it's like perpetuating mornachs.
for rural areas district administration officers could be made to be in charge of elected village development committees with chairpersons in charge of local affairs.

Da Truth 1 month ago

I have nyaya ya Chief vakabata mwana chibhsro yakazopera sei bcz Zim mav1


Gogo 1 month ago

Nhayi sabhuku how can the women solve the issue on their own imi sabhuku muripo? Itai mushe imi

🌶️🌶️🌶️ 1 month ago

Sabhuku vajata mutaka😂😂😂

putin 1 month ago

mazanu ndoozvaanoita kkkkkkkk

tigu 1 month ago

pane anoziwawo ussd ye stanbic

popcaan 1 month ago

bvunza pagroup

Turoo 1 month ago

Ini ndiningoti dai akamuka akafa sabhuku iyeye😠

The King of Serpents 1 month ago

😂😂😂😂😂😂ana mambara havafe zvekumhanya. Just look at the majority of cruel dictators, they die at a very old age and in great comfort. Pakaipa,vakanaka ndivo vanofa. Time time life is a joke.

Chimboti Pizza 1 month ago

Saka mapurisa emuZimbabwe haasi kushanda💔

parasite 1 month ago

sabhuku hana mhosva. vakadanana vanhu ava but mukadzi uyu akurwadziwa nekuti sabhuku ava ne new girlfriend.

Hwesa 1 month ago

According to story Sabhuku varasikawo apa.


ok ok now I get it this headman thinks he's in charge over a widow Mai Masvibiriri.

Now to all women stand against one of your own,if you say ,
#JUSTICE TO MAI MASVIBIRIRI those who need to react in dealing with the matter will do so.
madzimai muripi ko


Never 1 month ago

Shame shame but I smell something horrendeous will happen to this poor Lady. I.e if she is not assisted in time. Mark my words.

ppp 1 month ago

ndopanoda Vaya vema gender gender Vaya varipiko vabatsire Masvibiriri uyu

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

Social media will bring that to a halt and hope the law deals with the headman without fear or favor...

Anonymous 1 month ago

zvino achagarepi?

..... 1 month ago

sabhuku vharazip

Jkk 1 month ago

Do yu know that these women can cook stories? Women can invoke the imotional aspect just to appear victim and innocent. We are not being told herr the sabhuku is banishing her from the area. I mean the kraal head's reason. Maybe there is a valid reason why she is being sent away!!!! Women can fake anything, yes anything, just to appear victims and innocence. Be veeeery carefull when dealing with these ...

tete 1 month ago

Iwe read the story not to just jump to make comments. Asi ndiwe sabhuku wacho

Jkk 1 month ago

Correction.......' We ar not being told why the sabhuku is banishing her...'

Lodzatech 1 month ago

we don't know what happened between those two..(the widow & Sabhuku).Issue yavepo ndeyekuti murume waamai avo akavigirwa mustand mavo saka Sabhuku moda kuti mukadzi uyu achingosiya here mune guva remurume wake mopa mumwe munhu?

Htu454 1 month ago


1 month ago

mai Masvibiriri

1 month ago

Masabhuku manyanya magariro enyu ayaa ekutora vakadzi vevamwe muchizadza shiri kadzi nemukondombera

Jkk 1 month ago

Tangonzwa one side ya ambuya avo chete. Of which we cant say she is innocent just basing on her side of the story.. Zvekuti akambonyengwa na sabhuku must be independent ne issue yekudzingwa kwavo. Pamwe vanoroya....etc etc.

sugar boy 1 month ago

ngavape sabhuku Lula Lula zvinofira mberi.

Griso 1 month ago

VZ and Svosvai

actor 1 month ago

sabhuku munokara Lula lula. mucharova inerukawo KKK

Uluju.. 1 month ago

..tambai mese mujairane apo. Ko iwo makumbo ndaangovhurwazve sabhuku vadhle , ndoochete pane nyaya apo. Zviweti zvikangodhumhaniswa chete zvinhu zvese checheteeere...pananai apo, musatunyaudza isu...kkkk

Chisoni 1 month ago

Sabhuku balibhe manyazi bafuna chinda mkazi amuna wabeve anamwalila

Drat it 1 month ago

Bvuma iwe

Muzorane zvirwere mozoenda kumapiritsi mese pamwe

TOGOCHA 1 month ago


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