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Gokwe Teacher Pictured Groping Schoolchildren Flees

Gokwe Teacher Pictured Groping Schoolchildren Flees

A primary school teacher from Gokwe is on the run after he allegedly sexually abused several female learners at the school.

The teacher has been identified as Peter Mugomesi from Mugwira Primary School in the Manoti area, Gokwe South District in Midlands Province.

Mugomesi reportedly ran away after photos of him groping female pupils leaked and went viral.

In one of the pictures, Mugomesi can be seen fondling a girlÔÇÖs breasts while in another, the minor is sitting on his lap.

B-Metro reported a source from the school who declined to be named as saying Mugomesi always looked at school children with eyes full of lust. Said the source:

I always felt he looked at the children strangely. After hearing the about the accusations, in retrospect, I think he looked at them with the hungry eyes of a predator.

It is possible he abused many children and I hope they will have the courage to make police reports.

Midlands Provincial Education Director in the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education Jameson Machimbira said:

This is highly criminal. The case is under investigation and I am waiting for the report.

The adult in the picture is confirmed to be a teacher at Mugwira Primary School in the Manoti area, Gokwe South district.

The adult in the picture is confirmed to be a teacher at the school attended by the learner in the picture.

There are two issues here, one is a criminal offence while the other is a professional offence (conduct).

Police are hunting for the teacher. Of course, as the ministry, we will charge the teacher and ensure that the minor is adequately supported.

Zimbabwe Republic Police spokesperson for Midlands Province, Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko, also confirmed the matter, saying investigations are underway. | B-Metro

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