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Gokwe Teacher Dies After Bee Attack

Gokwe Teacher Dies After Bee Attack

A 42-year-old teacher at Nyamhara Primary School in Gokwe North died on Wednesday last week after she was attacked by a swarm of bees.

Sitholakhe Moyo was attacked by the bees while coming from local shops where she had gone to buy groceries after knocking off from work.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) spokesperson in Midlands Province Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko confirmed the incident. He said:

I can confirm that Mrs Sitholakhe Moyo was attacked by a swarm of bees while on her way home from the local shops.

The incident happened at around 5 PM on Wednesday.

She was later confirmed dead a few minutes after she was admitted to Nembudziya Hospital.

A villager, Tinashe Chinaka, told The Sunday News that Moyo had gone to buy a few groceries at a local business centre which is close to the school.

He said on her way back, suddenly a swarm of bees came from one of the trees which was near the path and attacked her. Said Chinaka:

We heard her crying and rushed to where she was but when we got there she had fallen down and the bees were all over her.

Chinaka said one of the villagers rushed with a blanket and covered the teacher but it was all in vain.

A community member availed his car and they ferried Moyo to Nembudziya Hospital but she was confirmed dead upon arrival at the hospital.

Officials from the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) attended the scene and sprayed the bees.

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Stallion 2 months ago


Jenaguru 2 months ago

vazviita zvakare paGokwe apo vazvidyira vega mwana wavo

putin 2 months ago

gokwe mushonga vanoroyerana cooking oil

Gokwerian 2 months ago

ZRP spokesperson will comment later and I predict he will warn citizens not to put on opposition colors as this will expose them to the marauding bees.

Chinese zodiac 2 months ago

Gokweeeeee never dissapoint panyaya dzachoo

factos 2 months ago

eat lot of honey

Gugu 2 months ago

In case of bees attack, what action can you do to avoid fatality

me 2 months ago

run for at least 500 meters away from their hive ,protect your face and seek shelter

Co founder 2 months ago

Tht a hoax wangu dnt ever attempt to bury urself in a water body u will drown bees nt give up easily

Yuwiii 2 months ago

Ummm nyuchii hadzidi hutsi kana une machisi kutongotanga moto ipapo ipapo

Doctor Turuni 2 months ago

If you can find a water body nearby it would be helpful if you go bury yourself under the water and swim away

fun time 2 months ago

Good question, any contributions please🙏


Dr Turuni 2 months ago

Nikuti nyurirai mumvura

🤨🤨 maybe 2 months ago

Gokwe ummm ma one maybe nyuchi dzaingozvifambirawo hadzo

mama Bee 2 months ago

iYazviita zvekare Gokwe

Gift Amuli 2 months ago

I smell witchcraft

Never 2 months ago

Usually these bees. Just fly away in hundreds . We c them at times. But here I smell foul play.

i 2 months ago

ummm nyuchi dzikayera dzakutanga atove mahwani dzingatokurega watozvipinza mumavivi emoto haàa zvemumvura ungatoita chamunyurududu kwe kilometer chaiyo becoz kungosimudza musoro chete ****

Asalif 2 months ago

Kamuzu Banda attack style

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