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Gokomere School Head Succumbs To Pressure And Releases Pupils' Results

Gokomere School Head  Succumbs To Pressure And Releases Pupils' Results

Gokomere High School head, Acquanos Mazhunga, who has been withholding 2021 Ordinary Level results for 23 pupils following a student protest last year has succumbed to pressure and released the results.

Mazhunga had withheld the results to force the students to pay US$25 each as compensation for damages they allegedly caused during the November 2021 protests.

The case is pending at the Masvingo Magistrates Court.

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR), through Martin Mureri, gave the school head a 48-hour ultimatum to release the results saying it was not the students who are indebted to Gokomere High School.

Mureri added that the learners who intended to enrol for Advanced Level studies were being prejudiced by the withholding of their examination results. Added Mureri:

Be guided accordingly, that if the school authorities have issues regarding any outstanding payments owed by the students, they should approach their parents or guardians.

In response to Mureri’s letter, Mazhunga advised the juveniles to collect their results at Gokomere High School and that he would engage the students’ parents and guardians for payment of US$25 each for the purported damage to school property.

In 2018, High Court judge, Justice Nicholas Mathonsi declared unconstitutional the practice by school authorities of withholding examination results for students to induce payment of outstanding school fees.

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Da Truth 1 month ago

@Asilif ndosaka mafata achimitisa vachizorega church Catholic came all the way from a Italy not all who are called are sons of Christ 🙏 😇 church doesn't make someone go to heaven it's in the mind that goodness or evil thrives . Don't tailk as if kumba kwako vose ma Roma kusvika Kuna gadern boy .Vangani ma Roma vatirikuverenga mumapepa vaita zvakadhakwa Hakuna munhu akanaka iwe mu Roma ,,,Romans Bible verse inoti tose takatadza saka iwe the world ,s perfect gara wakadero .Nyanya dzizere imomo pa Gokomere eg ask ipapo,,,2014 4.30 Not telling any name Fara akazvikanda mumota yaibva ku Joni yemunhu wekumalawi yaiva Friday ndaka attender case iyoyo pa Gokomere amitisa ask ma sisters aivepo ndakawana vachichema vari ku road Asilif unoziva zvishoma 🤐🤐🤐🇿🇼

Asalif 1 month ago

hey hey we run a mission farm @ Gokomere those kids havadye chinovava tuvana twenty tusina displined that is why we had a policy yekuti if you are not Catholic and baptized you wouldn't enroll @ Catholic ru xkool you will be destroying Church property not school property why not take your children to government run colleges and leave Catholic children only at the xkools so that when problems like these arise we do it as church period

Da Truth 1 month ago

Vaimboputsurei property tiudze iwe uneyese musana chikafu chevana muchipa mahu re enyu vanobvisa Mari inopfuura ka 25 kaurikutaura musana regai umbavha ndohwatirikudzingira Zanupf **** abuda ma results evana . Losers kkkkkkkk musaba kkkk

Anonymous 1 month ago

Its wrong, these head teachers are trying their best to make students pay for their wrong doings, even outstanding school fees. Saka moda kuti vaite seyi if the parents are not cooperating. ungatsvaga debt collector pa $25 here. We should know kuti munhu uyu needs to run a school and its difficult when those who vandalize property are being protected. Why do you victimise munhu ari right? So totenga property ichiurawa just because munhu anyora form 4...ZHRL yacho should pursue the case untill all those parents with kids who destroyed the property have fully payed

joe 1 month ago

kwana iwe anonymous. vana magariro kuti vanotadza asi havapenge pane zvavairwira. iyo ma25 ari seven anorunner chikoro kusvikepi

Save-Gokomere 1 month ago

This man called Mazhunga, the Gokomere head has a bad record and reputation. I wonder why Roman Catholic is behaving like the Old-People's-Home which recycled dead-work. Mazhunga will leave Gokomere in tatters. He is dangerous Sangoma

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