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Girl (4) Killed, Woman Critically Injured In ZUPCO Kombi Accident

Girl (4) Killed, Woman Critically Injured In ZUPCO Kombi Accident

A four-year-old girl died while 24 passengers were injured when a truck crashed into a Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (ZUPCO) kombi along Khami Road in Bulawayo on Tuesday morning.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) spokesperson in Bulawayo Metropolitan Province, Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident saying the girl died on her way to the hospital while one of the injured passengers is in a critical condition. Said Insp Nyathi:

We have received a report of a fatal road accident this morning in Bulawayo along Khami road where at an intersection after the Nkulumane complex an open truck knocked a ZUPCO registered Kombi which rolled several times hitting another Kombi that was on the road leading to the injury of 24 passengers.

Another passenger is admitted at Mpilo and her condition is critical.

This case is under investigation and we are yet to get more details and probably revisit the scene to establish who exactly was to blame.

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Golden 3 months ago

So sad ,May ur soul rest in piece

mufakosi 3 months ago

hazvisina fitness mazupco ose ayo ,kumhanyisa mari chete asi hupenyu hwedu huri panjonzi .Mazupco awanda achiita tsaona ,uye hakuna police haimise zupco PaBlock woona mamwe acho anonaya mukati mamwe hutsi wega mukati no lights inside chero headlambs hanyatsoone .mabrakes mamwe anoloda iripadombo or balanced on pavement grid uuuuuuu

Muchama 3 months ago

Rest in peace

Tkt 3 months ago

Uyuwo anozviti @doug, fuel inokwana pap panyaya yeaccident, haaa itai mushe veduwwee musango taya njere imwi

doug 3 months ago

Did the zupco kombi have enough fuel to be on the road on that particular day?

Mboko 3 months ago

Unopenga here Doug,how old are you?

Sir Che Guevara 🇿🇼 3 months ago

Don't display your naivety my brother, how relevant is your question?


KKK 3 months ago

Eyy combi 25 passangers ob board

Ehe ka 3 months ago

Aiwa yakarova imwe kombi futi.

Hkd 3 months ago

If yu follow the chats yu will be able to identify that the name sponono has 2 individuals . the fake is always filled with tribalism & the original is just calm & respectful.

Same happened to kartel , Bush lawyer etc.

Daudi 3 months ago

Shame,May her dearest soul rest in peace

Shobele 3 months ago

May yo soul rest in peace girl ..

yyy 3 months ago

i think pindula should remove commenting by readers

3 months ago

Vybz Kartel 3 months ago

May her dear soul rest in peace

Mark 3 months ago

Haaa shut up mese imi mhani.
A four year old kid died and all you can care about is Shonas and Ndebeles crap. What sort of ****ic monsters are you?

Be ashamed of yourselves imi

nero pinda 3 months ago

hanzi ma**** akatadza kt( good one)....vaakuti amagundwani🤣🤣

Major Seer1 3 months ago


Sponono 3 months ago

They don't only eat rats they feed on rodents

Anonymous 3 months ago

so sad
i think it's vybz Kartel who caused this

Zvimbazi 3 months ago

Pindula community may i ask if its true that Shona's eat Rats?

3 months ago

Dr Booster Bhu Bhu Bhu Bhu 3 months ago

Sponono Rega chamba!

sponono 3 months ago

Shonas eats everything including flies

Anonymous 3 months ago

Uchanzwa mumwe munhu anonzi vybz naZvimbazi vakuti hee Shona tribe wat wat ndebele tribe wat wat panyaya iyoyi nxaaa

Mike 3 months ago

So sad,

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