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Girl (17) Dopes Mum To Have Quality Time With Boyfriend

Girl (17) Dopes Mum To Have Quality Time With Boyfriend

A 22-year-old Masvingo man allegedly connived with his 17-year-old girlfriend to put sleeping tablets into the girl’s mother’s food so that the lovers could spend time together unhindered.

The man, Tinashe Mazvimba of Mucheke suburb, and his girlfriend, of the same suburb, were each initially slapped with nine months imprisonment after being convicted of assault.

However, Magistrate Farai Gwitima suspended three months of each sentence, leaving Mazvimba an effective six-month term.

He also suspended the girl’s remaining six months on condition she performed 210 hours of community service at Mucheke clinic.

Mazvimba and his girlfriend had both pleaded guilty to the charges.

The court heard that on 25 March 2021, Mazvimba gave his girlfriend seven sleeping tablets so that she could put them in her mother’s food.

The plan was to make the mother fall asleep so that the girl could sneak out at night and spend time with Mazvimba.

The girl was supposed to prepare food with the tablets every evening and serve the food to the entire family so that they all fall into a deep slumber after eating the food.

The duo was caught after the mother of the girl came across mobile phone messages between the pair where they were discussing the issue of the sleeping tablets.

She reported the matter to the police leading to the pair’s arrest.

Godknows Mugondo prosecuted.

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