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Girl (15) Dies During Childbirth In Marange

Girl (15) Dies During Childbirth In Marange

A pregnant 15-year-old girl from Marange, Manicaland Province, died last Wednesday after bleeding excessively while under the care of a faith healer.

The now-deceased Ferby Munyafi of Chiadzwa Village in Chief Marange’s area was married to Arthur Chitombo (29) of the same village.

Chitombo was not asked to plead when he appeared before Mutare magistrate, Prisca Manhibi, on Tuesday facing charges of having sexual relations with a minor.

He was granted $40 000 bail and he will be back in court on 12 February.

Prosecutors said Ferby got married to Chitombo in April 2021. She fell pregnant but did not register her pregnancy at the clinic.

It was further alleged that on 9 January this year, Ferby started experiencing labour pains and was rushed to a faith healer in Mafararikwa Village.

On 12 January, she bled excessively as she was in labour and died before she could give birth.

The following day Chitombo reported the case at Marange Police Station and police officers attended the scene.

The body was ferried to Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital for post-mortem.

In July 2021, another Marange girl, 14-year-old Anna Machaya, also died during childbirth at the Johanne Marange Apostolic Church’s Mafararikwa Shrine.

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Citizen 3 months ago

Teen pregnancy is happening in rural areas all over Zimbabwe. That is the first problem. The second problem is that some women are deciding not to give birth in clinics and hospital. When such a delivery becomes complicated, death is the most likely outcome.

Those are the real problems that need to be addressed

Luda 3 months ago

Vanhu vakuda kurohwa zvakaipa ava this is becoming a pandemic wese aita child marriage must be castrated and beaten and church ngaivharwe this is barbaric

T 3 months ago

I'm just so tired of these Marange people and deaths of minors.
To be honest, I believe it's best to just ban musangano wacho altogether. There's nothing they contribute to the society except in nothing but deaths of innocent children. I know it sounds extremely aggressive but I can safely say that this is just the best possible answer to the problems their giving to us as a nation.

If their culture accepts child marriages then we should simply cancel out the culture all the same

Catherine madondo 3 months ago

As long as the parents support. Early marriage. And their strong belief in apostolic faith we are far. To win I used to be employed in UMP as a girl child co_0rdinator Redd barn. Zimbabwe I become an enemy of the community as they were pushing. Their 10 11 12 years girls to cook for teachers. So that mwana. Atore naTeacher. Ndowana Mari yemusana.

Tkt 3 months ago

@Ungwas thanx atleast for pouring outthe truth. On Anna Machaya's case last year i did say the same kusvika ndazoti.

""Baba vanga pindira mujeri mhaka yaka parwa nemwana wavo hr/ hama dzinga fira umbavha hwaka parwa nemunhu mupenyu aripo.""

So i will say it again, hailing from Marange does not mean all are culprits in these cases, & all the same being members of the church does not mean all must be punished for the DIDs of one. NO. as a community may not be punished for wrong doings of a community member.

Jombo 3 months ago

@tk taura hako shaa mamwe maculprits vanenge vatoriwo vamwe vanhu vatonemachurch avo vasiri vekwamarange but zvenge zvakungonzi ndevekwamarange vanhu ngavazive kuti problemm iyi iri munyika yese not johanne marange chingoti majounalist vane kwavanenge vakatargeter plus vachinyanya kutswaga nyaya dsoita kuti dsiite stir up people vakananga kuti marangeee


Mukudzeishe 3 months ago

vanhu ava havadi bail ava dzimwe nyaya hadzidi kutsvaga zvisina basa murume anemhosva uyo anongofanira kupiwa mutongo wake chete .

Ungwas 3 months ago

It's a very unfortunate phenomenon. But at the same time we should know that coming from Marange area does not mean every Marange issue is a church issue. A thief may come from Marange but not being a mupostori. I am not one of them but I do not want to comment from an uninformed position.

Pedzisai 3 months ago

Zvakaoma zvekwamarangi many children are dying because of early pregnancy and getting cancere

Mai TT 3 months ago

Marangi nzwirai vana Tsitsi chiiko kudaro

Bright 3 months ago

I same nzvimbo ka iyi ummmm

Bright 3 months ago

Haaa bail zvekare rei fti nhai zanu ahisi inenge ichida kuzovhoterwa her vatongi vavo vachidai so

President RG 3 months ago

Vanhu munotaura nonsense.Musikana ane makore 13 akabvisa nhumbu 12 hamutauri nezvake sei plus vazhinji vanofira mumarwizi munodii kutaura those cases.Police nemajournists acho anohumana ndo#1 dzacho.

Doroguru 3 months ago

As long as the govt of Zanu Pf keeps on being mum on such issues,ngoma ndiyo ndiyo. Remember these guys declared undying love for Zanu Pf,and we are entering election season. Obviously Zanu Pf won't want to temper with their support base so hapana zvavanoitwa vakomana vacho. Zhakata babaChamu akaimba kuti 'mutemo wekwedu wakanyangara,wakarerekera divi rimwe'

Xxx 3 months ago


Mama bee 3 months ago

Dai church iyi yavharwa zvazonyanya manje aiwa

Sir 3 months ago

Church yacho ngaingovharwa

MuGrade 2 3 months ago

Marange is not aa church buh a place nje

Ghetto yut 3 months ago

Vanhu veku Marange chii nemi chaizvo nxaaaa

Vickela 3 months ago

History repeating itself😢😥

Vickela 3 months ago

@Manikiniki zvakaoma hazvo, zvandibata bata...they may run but all I know is Mwari havatizike, my deepest condolences to the bereaved family🙏

Manikiniki 3 months ago

Yes because they know they will be granted bail and disappear

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