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Gimboki, Federation & Mahalape Residents To Get Title Deeds - Chiwenga

Gimboki, Federation & Mahalape Residents To Get Title Deeds - Chiwenga

The Government says it is making moves to give title deeds and provide basic social amenities to residents of Gimboki and Federation in Mutare while residents of the Mahalape area who are close to a railway line will be relocated.

This was said by Vice President Constantino Chiwenga while addressing a ZANU PF star rally at Dangamvura Grounds on Sunday. He said:

The government is seized with the issue of Gimboki, Federation and Mahalape settlements. There were a lot of challenges in these settlements, but all these will soon be a thing of the past.

Roads are being worked on, while eight boreholes to augment water supplies have been drilled in Dangamvura and Chikanga.

Seven out of the eight boreholes are working and plans are in place to drill eight more boreholes as we wait for the completion of the Dangamvura Water Project.

Water and sewer provision should be in place. In short, we are in the process of ensuring that all social amenities are availed to Gimboki.

After providing the social amenities, title deeds will then be availed to residents.

We do not want settlements to be developed in areas that endanger people’s lives, like the Mahalape area which is near the railway line.

These people will be relocated to a safer area, but this will only be done when the identified area is properly serviced.

We do not want to dump people in areas where there are no social amenities as some of them are in this current predicament after being duped by land barons.

A total of 850 people from Gimboki Phases One, Two and Three are set to benefit from the development that is expected in the future.

The Gimboki Housing Scheme was mooted in 2007 but little progress has been made in developing the area due to differences between the Government and Mutare City Council, with some land barons and politicians also involved.

In 2021, the Government identified Gimboki Housing Scheme as a priority project under National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1).

Ncube Burrow Consulting Engineers, a developer, has recently been at work in Gimboki, working on roads, and mapping the area for proper planning and designing.

The developer’s work is being supervised by officials from the Ministry of National Housing and Social Amenities as well as those from the Surveyor General’s Office.

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Hulk Hogan 2 months ago

Gentleman don't answer these guys posing as @Hulk Hogan, Sponono, undertaker they are imposters, fake guys. The real characters support CCC.

I thank you

Hulk Hogan 2 months ago

Vote Zanu Pf
2023 ED pfeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Sponono 2 months ago

Vote Zanu Pf 2023
ED #1

Hulk Hogan 2 months ago

@Muntu wabantu, kana uchifunga kuti CCC inotonga nyika ino ziva kuti zviroto, muka uzvitsvinye-tsvinye kuti unzwe kuti uri mupenyu here, wapedza wobva wabika hari yako yedoro onwa zvako uchizviputira bute rako wakagara parukukwe.

Vhotera ZANU PF musi wa26 Kurume 2022.

Hulk Hogan 2 months ago

Munoti Zanu ino koniwa zvinoinokoniwa chii Vhotera Zanu Of # Register to vote

Sir tindo 2 months ago

Usakurudzire vanhu kti vavhotere zvisina basa iwe a


munya 2 months ago

apa mai vangu vakanyimwa ndovaseka

Jinn 2 months ago

Zanu PF of empty promises

Hulk Hogan 2 months ago

Only Zanu PF cares for the people and you see the CCC council do not care about people who leave in the Mahalape area next to a railway line

mngane36 2 months ago

If I may ask where were we when these Mahalape pipo were developing settlements near the railway line?For how long have they ve been staying there?Or is it the railway which got constructed after pipo had settled?🤭🤭🤭

Undertaker 2 months ago

Vote ZANU PF for Unity, Peace and Development.

Hulk Hogan 2 months ago

Fake, imposters will never win this battle. Stop using our characters for **** comments. I know who you are, but I hate to mention your names.

Vote CCC
CCC Yellow Bus

Sponono 2 months ago

Viva Zanu Pf

Chapwititi Kestombela 2 months ago

These old people are so rudimentary in their analysis and action. 42 years of promising only and not delivering on their previous election promises. We are introducing the alternative government now as forward thinking people. CCC is the new, YELLOW, GOLDEN & IN TOUCH WITH REALITY. How can you deliver when the basiscs are not there at all? A whole minister of finance failing to know the exchange rate of his apex bank. kkkkkkkkkkkk. Let me end here. Munonyadzisa vakuru imi nevese vanokuteverai

Hezvoko 2 months ago

kkkk. more and more boreholes. Boreholes are for rural areas without water reticulation. Mutare has Pungwe river and Osborne dam . Draw the water from those water boardies and forget about bore holes. Boreholes are inadequate for the high density of residents in town and will break down before 2023 elections. madhara aya sooka. They are regressing instead of progressing

Muntu wabantu 2 months ago

Always "government planning to".... I've never heard that "government has done it"....

I NEED A NEW GOVERNMENT... Something yellow...

vanyepisty 2 months ago

ko chinomisa chii mari muchiisa kuintrchange round about yakawandisa kumunhu 1

Kakistocracy🤣Muchakaka 2 months ago

Government to. Government planning to. Government working on. Government considering. Government will...42 years dhaaaa vanhu VACHIKAKA nenhamo waiting on empty promises by an incompetent government. Do not talk of your intentions, just do it.

Pasi nehurumende isineyi nemagariro emhuri yayo. Pasi nevakapandukira Chimurenga. Pasi nevasingakoshese donz vo regutsaruzhinji. Pasi nevanozvifunga ivo, vana vavo, hama dzavo neshamwari dzavo. Pasi nevaodza myika nehuori hwavo.

Change is inevitable. Pamberi negoldem future. Pamberi neCitizens Coalition for Change.

Hulk Hogan 2 months ago

Never in a million times will I say vote Ndzonyora.

CCC for Zimbabwean Citizens

Hulk Hogan 2 months ago

Pamberi na Mwonzora

cute 2 months ago

zvimwezvo zvavakataura kuepwth team irika ronyepa

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