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Gift "Wamatuka" Amuli Now Full-time Traditional Healer


Sungura musician Gift Amuli, who recently branched into hip-hop, has revealed that he is now a full-time traditional healer.

Amuli of the Wamatuka fame confirmed to NewsDay Life & Style that he is now a traditional healer. Said the Zvishavane Stars frontman:

It took a long journey for me to become a traditional healer.

I had a lot of disturbing issues in my life until I was told that there is no way except being initiated into traditional healing. I am not ashamed of it that is why I publicise it, and I am happy too.

When it comes to my music career I’m still deciding on how to balance both because I love doing music and also I am now a full-time sangoma. People should come in their numbers because this month I’m dealing with divorce cases.

While many of his family members have accepted his decision, others who are Christians are still in denial.

The Zvishavane-based musician started off with the Zig Zag band in the 1980s and in 2002 he did his first solo project, a five-track album titled Wedangwe which did not do well on the market.

In 2003, he produced Munozvigona Sei, which catapulted him into the limelight. He once featured on a hip-hop track Svikiro together with Leefire and Tatman.

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Tateguru 3 weeks ago

Zhombe Mission baby boy

Chawabvunza 3 weeks ago

In our world today one does the work which he likes to do. Amuli has decided to take up traditional healing as his profession. Let Sekuru Gift Amuli do his work without disturbances. Those who are on the verge of divorce because of dysfunctional or ****ual incompetence must approach sekuru Amuli.




Gafa 3 weeks ago

Muna ngwarira kuenda kujeri ipapo mobarisa vasina mbereko Kule

Zulu 3 weeks ago

As for Gift Amuli don't blame covid this guy is a qualified electrician mamhepo ndiwo anomu tsoma

ABSA 3 weeks ago

Kwasara kuita PROPHET


Swagger 3 weeks ago

mazimbabweans uyu ndiye munhu ari confused he haven't discover his purpose in LIFE

Laylow 3 weeks ago

Isu ku Zim hiphop tanga tatokutambira ufunge, song yako iye 🔥 🔥

TrayWay 3 weeks ago

Yeah, I didn't wanna say anything but it's true, zim hiphop is rubbish

Turoo 3 weeks ago

Zvimwe ndezvimwe vapfana veZim Hip Hop vanoimba mvura😂😂😂

T man 3 weeks ago

Saka zveku Sponsor nema hummer mill katosiya ku Mine va amuli Pa C Mine patengwa maku miner kupi

SVIKIRO 3 weeks ago

AHH l Gift Amuli failed to concentrate on his decision now thinking he will bring food on the table by chin'anga haaa .yeah l see the impacts of covid many artists venture into Agriculture they learnt a lot for covid

👿😈😈👿 3 weeks ago

To Be Honest une Shawi Kwete Mudzimu GIFT
pamberi Apo Ndaona Problem
Shamwari *HUROBWA* Bambo
*NDAPEDZA ZVANGU* pa physically and Spiritually 🤮

Asalif 3 weeks ago

lockdown killed music industry so there is no option than to resort to plan B to make ends meet

Chimboti Pizza 3 weeks ago

Enda unofa iwe Gift Amuli😠

Actor 3 weeks ago

sekuru Amuli pakuzoti divorce cases apa KKK.

Phidza 3 weeks ago

Kkkkk muchizezuru n,anga inonzi sekuru. I wonder what we will be calling Amuli cadre n,anga kkk maybe k**** uncle healer

Mrs Amuli 3 weeks ago

Music industry ayisela mali,imali isebantwini .Buyani ngobunengi benu especially ladies mantonbazana

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