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Gift Amuli Regrets Not Using His Spiritual "Gift" Early

Gift Amuli Regrets Not Using His Spiritual

Musician-cum-traditional healer Gift Amuli said that he regrets not fully using his spiritual “gift” early as he would have been able to “help a lot of people by now”.

Amuli is based in the gold-rich Zvishavane in the Midlands Province and illegal gold panners and dealers are reportedly flocking to his shrine. Said Amuli:

My brother, things can be hectic sometimes. Gold miners and buyers are always at my shrine seeking my services. I am being forced to work during the day and at night.

Amuli said he was forced to abandon the guitar and become a full-time traditional healer when his music career had stalled in 2014.

He said some of his band members left him and started their own things. Added the “Wamatuka” hitmaker:

Growing up, I used to have these strange dreams in which I could see myself dressed as a traditional healer.

I also often got mysterious sicknesses and I then consulted a traditional healer who told me that I was possessed by a spirit.

I was lucky the traditional healer I consulted was genuine and did not steal my gift as other bogus healers would do in such a scenario.

The former Sungura musician had a white father but grew up in the custody of his maternal family. He said:

Anything is possible in the supernatural world. It is not cast in stone that one can only become a traditional healer based on the powers obtained from patriarchal ancestors.

Anyone can receive the calling any time and the sources differ.

We have several traditional healers in the country and it does not mean they all had spiritually gifted ancestors. It can simply start with you.

More: The Sunday Mail

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Ake 1 week ago

Family yekwa Amuli yakuvara n'anga haina kunaka mudzinza zvachose n'anga inonyepera kubatsira vanhu vekure ichiroya vemudzinza

Ake 1 week ago


sajamukwani 1 week ago

uuuuu kuvarungu hakuna mudzimu zvabvepi izvozvo

Queen Zumba 1 week ago

tigashirei Mr Bones pa Zimba

Lazarus Brakuface 1 week ago

Chimwe nechimwe chine nguva yacho Bhora mberi makata ano shura materu

gift 1 week ago

pasi nezanu pf

Swagger 1 week ago

Soon you'll upgrade from traditional healer to PROPHET


Chimboti Pizza 1 week ago

Haunyare kuda kunyadzisa sungura here nhai Gift Amuli

Walter Magaya 1 week ago

Welcome to the world of Satanism my brother.

Malon 1 week ago

Vapererwa nezveuimba vanhu ava

ppp 1 week ago

urikushandisa mudzimu wechirungu here kana kuti wekwaamai zvaurimu Keda

parasite 1 week ago

@PPP wanyatsokuipenengura. mudzimu wani wamugara

MAKARAMATA 1 week ago

Amuli will definitely accumulate enormous wealth in the spiritual world. This line of business is super lucrative, believe me.

1 week ago

pido 1 week ago


Chawabvunza 1 week ago

Gift Amuli tell me the truth, some people tell me that one can also buy hu traditional healer uhwu. Which is which muzukuru Amuli ?



Bhuru 1 week ago


Amuli's fan 1 week ago

was wondering kuti wakaenda nepi wakangoti ziii izvo wakubatsira vanhu anywhere will keep on listening to your songs till my last breath.. Enjoy your new carrier my fvtr singer....

i 1 week ago

isu hatinei nehun'anga isu itai mega baba hamheno sekuru zvamunoitana kumatemhe enyu iwayo

SC 1 week ago

😂He is serious with this? Hilarious

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