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FULL TEXT: ZIFA Speaks On FIFA Deadline, EGM

FULL TEXT: ZIFA Speaks On FIFA Deadline, EGM

The suspended Felton Kamambo-led Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) board has confirmed that the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) did not lift the suspension by the 3 January deadline as directed by FIFA.

In a statement, the elected ZIFA executive expressed doubts over the legitimacy of the 27 ZIFA councillors who reportedly called for an Emergency General Meeting (EGM), saying any sanctions from FIFA must be blamed on SRC. Pindula News is publishing the statement by the ZIFA board below:


ZIFA wishes to inform the Nation that the SRC had by end of day on 3rd of January 2022 not removed their illegal suspension as prescribed by FIFA in their letter of 21 December 2021.

Instead and interestingly, the board has seen a yet to be verified and from an unknown source, a purported request for an EGM from allegedly 27 ZIFA Congress Delegates whose agenda is to among other things prefer some charges and possibly revocation if found guilty to the ZIFA Executive Committee.

While the ZIFA Executive Committee has no qualms with any constitutionally provided for process and will easily dispense with the so-called charge sheets, it is the nature of the alleged charges most which are identical to the SRC allegations and which have to date not been substantiated and led to FIFA dismissing the SRC inspired suspension, that raises suspicion.

Equally worrying is the timing of the so-called request for an EGM, prior to threats by the SRC to suspend some ZIFA Congress Delegates through their “show cause order” the previous week and some clandestine meetings that have been taking place between the SRC and some of the Zifa Congress Delegates.

The ZIFA Executive Committee would like to assure the Nation that due process as is provided for in our statutes shall holistically be followed in following the EGM request once this has been verified as legitimate.

The board is therefore not at all worried about the request and would rather focus much on the elephant in the room which are illegal interferences from the SRC.

While the EGM request shall be addressed the board however still fears and reasonably so for an imminent ban by FIFA upon our Country due to SRC’s illegal suspension.

The current shenanigans may only add paraffin to water instead of the intended results as intended by the few who are being misled or coerced into thinking false allegations will all of a sudden turn to truth and stick.

The ZIFA Executive Committee is therefore unfazed with any sideshows whose origins are the SRC but laced as a legitimate request for EGM.

Just how the alleged Delegates expect the Board to hold the meeting when SRC insist they are suspended is a puzzle only they and SRC know and shall be effectively dealt with.

Maybe the SRC now allows us to partake in football activities as holding EGM is one such activity because it is now public knowledge the SRC publicly announced we remain frozen out the last time we tried to hold an AGM after our appeal was launched with the administrative courts.

What exactly has changed that an AGM was disallowed but the same SRC was quoted in today’s Newsday agreeing to an EGM?

To the extent Mr Mlothswa the SRC chairman was unashamedly quoted saying 23 Delegates will only know of their verdict after the EGM, itself an obvious veiled threat that you just revoke the board or face consequences.

Such mafia-style and autocratic leadership we are being accustomed SRC chairman who is now the law is nothing but coercion and naked abuse of office.

If interference was difficult to see, surely what more evidence can be required of an SRC trying so much to drive ZIFA in their own direction.

The ZIFA Executive Committee would therefore want to inform and assure the entire Nation and the World that it remains intact, unfazed and capable to deal with any interferences, threats and football administration until its term of office lapses or is revoked through lawful processes.

We do not believe the recent alleged charge sheets will pass the test when subjected to strict due process.

The Executive Committee, therefore, calls for calm and still remind all stakeholders that any sanctions from FIFA as a result of these continued interferences by the SRC must never be blamed on them but entirely on the SRC who up to date have not been able to prove any of their allegations now peddled as EGM charge sheets.

We finally urge everyone to remind the SRC that they must act before we as a Country face potentially crippling football sanctions.

The grandstanding that has so far been exhibited by the SRC do not inspire confidence and will certainly not help us all in the final analysis.

As a board, we remain very innocent of all the empty unsubstantiated allegations being levelled against us.

We reiterate that the SRC actions are clearly inviting and praying for FIFA sanctions otherwise one couldn’t remain fixated on an unsustainable decision whose final outcome is total banishment of our football.

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