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FULL TEXT: ZEC Issues Election Notice

FULL TEXT: ZEC Issues Election Notice

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has issued a notice on the 26 March by-election to fill vacant Parliamentary and local government seats. We present the notice below:

National Assembly and Local Authority By-elections 26 March 2022

WHEREAS by-elections are scheduled to be held on the 26th of March 2022 in all the advertised wards and National Assembly constituencies:

AND WHEREAS by-elections will be held concurrently at polling stations where a vacant ward falls within a National Assembly constituency for which a by-election is also scheduled to be held;

AND WHEREAS the voters’ rolls’ to be used in respect of the ward by-elections closed on the day the vacancies occurred while those for the National Assembly constituencies closed on the 8th of January 2022:

NOW THEREFORE the public is hereby informed that because of the foregoing at polling stations where ward and National Assembly constituency by-elections will be held concurrently:

1. two separate voters rolls will be provided:-

a. one for the ward by-election reflecting the day the vacancy occurred as the day of closure of the voters’ roll; and

b. one for the National Assembly Constituency by-election, reflecting the 8th of January as the day of closure of the voters roll

2. it a voter’s name appears on both voters’ rolls’ he/she will be issued with two ballot papers, one to elect a councillor for the ward concerned and one to elect a member of the National Assembly for the constituency concerned.

3. If a voter registered after the date of closure of the ward voters’ roll but before the date of closure of the National Assembly voters’ roll, he/she will only be issued with the ballot paper for the National Assembly by-election,

5. So as not to disenfranchise voters affected by the scenario in paragraph four 4 above, the voters listed in the schedule below will vote at the polling stations reflected against their names.

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