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FULL TEXT: SRC Appoints ZIFA Restructuring Committee

FULL TEXT: SRC Appoints ZIFA Restructuring Committee

Statement by the Sports and Recreation Commission on the appointment of a ZIFA Restructuring Committee.

The Sports and Recreation Commission has appointed a ZIFA Restructuring Committee as part of its strategic roadmap towards addressing the issues that have affected football management and administration in Zimbabwe.

The appointment of the Committee is in line with the provisions of Sections 21, as well as 19(b) and 20(c) of the Sports and Recreation Commission Act.

The Restructuring Committee shall be a committee independent of the SRC, with the autonomy to discharge the functions more fully set out in its terms of reference.

The restructuring committee will not be involved in the day to day running of football in Zimbabwe which is the responsibility of the ZIFA Secretariat but will undertake matters of a strategic nature as outlined in their terms of reference.

The nine-member committee consists of notable individuals with varying skills and competencies from sports management and administration, legal and advisory, marketing and public relations to business administration and management.

Addressing the media, the Chairman of the Sports and Recreation Commission – Mr Gerald Mlotshwa extended the SRC Boards’ appreciation to the Restructuring Committee members for undertaking the task at hand which is of national interest.

Mr Mlotshwa advised the committee that whilst the committee may consult with the SRC board, no member of the Restructuring Committee shall be subject to the direction or control of any person, including any Board member of the Commission.

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Analyst 8 months ago

Who are those people appointed? What qualifications do they hold? From which universities or colleges? When and where were the advertisements for those openings flighted? How many people responded to those advertisements? I just thought issues surrounding transparency needed to be ventilated lest it ends being a case of the kettle calling the pot black, i.e. as one body accuses the other of lacking transparency!

Shadows 8 months ago

At least it shows that we are going somewhere. Pane kungonyarara. Tinoda new look Zifa please. People with football at heart. Kwete mbavha idzo.

Chapwititi 8 months ago

Why did they not give us names of the persons apppointed.I smell a rat.Maex-players were supposed to be among the appointees.Corruption reloading in this kind of appointments.

🤨🤨 8 months ago

Ko mazita acho arikupi

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