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FULL TEXT: Minister Suspends Rimbi Tours, Zebra Kiss Licences After Accident

FULL TEXT: Minister Suspends Rimbi Tours, Zebra Kiss Licences After Accident

Following an accident that resulted in one man’s death, Felix Mhona, Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development, has suspended the licenses of Zebra Kiss and Rimbi Travel & Tours. The suspension is effective immediately, the minister stated in a statement obtained by Pindula News. Reads the declaration:


The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development has noted with great concern the video circulating on social media, which captures the circumstances leading to the fatal Road Traffic Accident (RTA), that occurred on 17 January 2023 in Mutoko District along the Harare-Nyamapanda Highway. The video and circumstances of the accident, which have been verified, involves two passenger transport service vehicles of an omnibus type (commonly referred to as buses) belonging to Rimbi Travel and Tours (Pvt) Ltd and Tashllyt Investments (Pvt) Ltd trading as Zebra Kiss.

Pursuant to the fatal accident, which has so far claimed one life and caused serious injury of many passengers, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development and other actors in the ecosystem of road traffic management, including the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe (TSCZ) and emergency health services has established the component of human error, prohibited by Sections 51, 52 and 53 of the Road Traffic Act [Chapter 13:11] as the principal cause of the accident. Sections 51, 52 and 53 of the Road Traffic Act prohibit driving without due care and attention or reasonable consideration for others, negligent or dangerous driving and reckless driving respectively, which violation is a breach of the terms and conditions of the two operators’ licenses issued for them to operate in Zimbabwe.

Informed by the foregoing violations and verified videographic circumstances, the Commissioner of Road Transport, after informing the two operators of his intention, and after the operators were given a reasonable opportunity to make representations on the matter in terms of Section 17 (2) of the Road Motor Transportation Act [Chapter 13:15], invoked provisions of Section 17 (1) (b) (i) of the same Act and suspended the licences of Rimbi Travel and Tours and Tashllyt Investments Trading as Zebra Kiss from operating all its omnibuses in all the routes as authorised by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development. This suspension is with immediate effect

pending corrective measures by the two operators to ensure that they are in a position to resume operations without breach of the terms and conditions under which their licenses are issued. Section 17 (1) (b) (i) of the Road Motor Transportation Act empowers the Commissioner of Road Transport to suspend the operator’s license where it appears that there is disregard of the terms and conditions of the licenses. I have directed that this provision be implemented dutifully, consistently and religiously going forward, with the view to weed out all errant operators from our roads. In view of the incessant road fatalities being recorded on our roads, I have taken a bold stance to reduce road carnage as the Minister responsible for administering laws and regulations on road traffic and safety management. This is in line with targets contained in the National Development Strategy (NDS) 1 (2021-2025) which seeks to reduce road accidents and fatalities by a 25% margin per annum. Going forward, we shall build on this momentum of strict enforcement of road motor transportation and safety for the safety and well-being of the people. I wish to remind and warn all Transport Operators, Associations, motorists and members of the public that the Ministry will take stern measures provided by our laws against those who wantonly and blatantly violate road traffic rules and regulations. The safety and security of all commuting public cannot be taken for granted. We will not hesitate to suspend and cancel licenses of operators who violate terms and conditions of such licenses, traffic rules and regulations. We urge all road traffic law enforcement agencies to be on high alert to enforce the road traffic laws and ensure that operators with suspended and cancelled licenses do not ply our roads.


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2 weeks ago

Nice initiative
Risking lives due to negligence is not good

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Very nice, they should ban the govt also, such a high way ine karoad katete kudaro...instead of 4 or 6 lanes moisa karoad.... cross border transport ne tractor ne tipper ne skoro skoro mu same lane zvonzi musaita accident...Aaaaa imi!! mota inofambira mu 120km/h neinofamba iri mu 20km/h....
Dont support nonsense

2 weeks ago

@Anonimous.Handiti ndimi Makati hamudye maroads paka tanga kugadzirwa Mbudzi fly over neMasvingo road.

😎 2 weeks ago

Following an accident that resulted in one man’s death, Felix Mhona, Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development,

Mwanawevhu 2 weeks ago

Of course the operator's licences of both deserves to be cancelled the circumstances leading to this accident it could have been avoided if Zebra Kiss driver gave passage for Rimbi to overtake way before they reached the Tipper.

Hurricane 2 weeks ago

Punishment plus good move

mutu 2 weeks ago

few months back Zupco bus and Stallion were racing from Binga leading to Zupco bus crushing the head of the pedestrian kikikikiki just becasy Zupco is government own why didn't they suspend both eish

As I see it 2 weeks ago

Abuse of power and selective application of the law.
The bus driver's are guilty and should have their licenses cancel and be banned from driving for ten years.
It's not fair to punish the company by canceling their licenses.
They should however be made to pay compensation.

2 weeks ago

Compensation alone is not enough, the drivers where grossly negligent, it gives questions on how the company operates and whether they meet the conditions of a transport operator. As the Nigerians say, a finger that brings oil, soils the others

pk 2 weeks ago

bus operators will change trade names and symptoms appear ncluding painting.

mhunga 2 weeks ago

inii ndakazvichinjaaa mazitaaa izvooo

pk 2 weeks ago

bus operators will change trade names, sympols and painting and withing 2 months they will be on the road

Chief 2 weeks ago

They can change but income lost from today until they manage to get back on the road will make them be strict to there drivers. Also thiis is a warning to other operators

Nyaya yema gay ye Anglican yandibhohwa 2 weeks ago

haa ma gays anokutadzireyi nhai gentlemen, instead of hating Zanu pf and ED sika sika nevanhu varikutozvitamburirawo mu economy yakaoma kudai. If they are attracted to same séx its their own fish to fry, siyai vanhu vaite zvavanoda, munobveyi. Imi zvamunoita fornication, adultery, taking and giving bribes, killing, telling lies munotyora all the ten commandments, sika sika nemunhu atadza mutemo one... dont judge
Avo vemabhazi avo inyaya ye incompetence dzehurumende, mukore uno highway inoita karoad katete kudaro chii... panhu panofanira kuva ne 4 or 6 lanes pane one, You will ban all the buses... gadzirai road vanomhanya vaoenda ku lane remukati dzinonanaira ma tipper nema tractor kwazvo zvega

African man 2 weeks ago

Gays kudii, to hell with them and take them with you along the way. Nekuwanda kwakaita haranga imi sikasika nemanyowa hamusvodi

@african man 2 weeks ago

Siyana naye ari pabasa, he/she is paid to disrupt serious conversations in the comment section


@pk **** 2 weeks ago

Wadii wataura neshona wobva waita zviperengo fut musoro wakara chiPF

Ali Tinasheba albamohamed 2 weeks ago

Hazviko they jus sale busses to kids
By changing ownership and licenses MOTA dzotodzoka patsono

2 weeks ago

Why cancel licences for the operators. They should have cancelled the drivers licences for the 2 drivers and maybe fine the operators, how many people are now affected by this move.

2 weeks ago

The employer is vicariously liable for the behaviour of their employees. The conduct of the drivers, brings into question their recruitment and on the job training. Saka zvinombovhariswa pending investigations.

Tateguru 2 weeks ago

True, suspending or canceling the operaters' licenses affected too many people, – workers and their families and even the economy itself.

Chiwenga dominic 2 weeks ago

Bcoz rimbi driver aiva asina class 1 aiva ne class so kureva kuti is employing vanhu vasina kutenderwa kutyaira coz driver iyeye vakamupa bus hw ne class 2

@Capital Letters 2 weeks ago

You can rave and rant all you want, you can even say chihurumende che****, its allowed. But if one does not fulfil the conditions under which a license was issued it can be suspended or revoked. The conduct of your employees is one of those conditions. The way those drivers went about their business is appalling it shows they were not properly trained, that is the employers responsibility. You don't have to be emotional, you need to use your brains.

Jason Ndlovu 2 weeks ago

Uku ndiko kunonzi kurumwa nechekuchera, especially vaitora video. Umboo hwacho ndoopahwazosvika apa. Hope news houses paid them well.

Henly kay 2 weeks ago

Ma one

2 weeks ago

What a **** move from 21st century minister who has slept on duty for a long time while ignoring to do what should be done to prevent accidents. The fact of the matter is that the country's roads are too narrow to allow vehicles to overtake or avoid accidents. The buses will simply change ownership, trade names, colours and drivers.

2 weeks ago

True... dimwit of a minister.

Vaye vaye 2 weeks ago

The condition of the road had nothing to do with the accident and is a story for another day. The issue here has to do with the recklessness of the drivers and suspension of the licenses pending investigations is an appropriate move. Lets not let our dislike of the powers that be sway us from the pertinent issues.

2 weeks ago

Chero ukatuka wazvinzwa chete

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Nice move minister

mgabe 2 weeks ago

y punishing the whole company nekuda kwe one individual employee ayita carelessness haaaaa zanu Soo kkkkkk ko vadii y not cancelling the driver s license of those drivers only, so jeze muvhevhi zvaakauraya vanhu ar they going to jail the whole family?

2 weeks ago

It will give them time to sober up and train their employees on how to behave on the roads to safeguard passengers. An employer is responsible for the behaviour of his employees. Plus driver waRimbi anga ane class 2 so was not qualified to be on the wheels, that comes back to the employer

Lo 2 weeks ago

I think he should have banned the drivers and not the two whole companies. It's just too far, how many people are losing jobs just because of only two bad drivers.

2 weeks ago

Next time ukaona munhu waunosevenza naye kana anokusevenzera achiita hubenzi paRoad unomuudza kuti siyana nazvo unotikuvadzisa

Jack Bauer 2 weeks ago

Firstly, i blame the minister anoona nezve ma roads, that road is too narrow to be a highway and I'm sure we all know the speed limit which is required kana uchifambira mu highway. That truck was moving very slow to be honest, speed limit haisi 80km/hr to 120km/hr here muma high way??? At the same time, the Rimbi bus driver was very wrong.How can u overtake from the left side??? and at the same time uchiita bumper riding, unoona sei kumberi kwauri kuenda

2 weeks ago

Justice is for the courts to deal with this matter not the minister.
The quality of our ministers leave a lot to be desired.

2 weeks ago

Uri kumbotii dii? Tomirira court outcome and in the mean time Rimbi and Zebra Kiss are busy employing errant drivers?

Mwanawevhu 2 weeks ago

Zimbabwe has a high literacy rate i don't know why people don't use their brain. Hantie the Ministry of transport is the one responsible for the safety in our roads they are the one who issue operators permits and they give conditions, rules and regulations and if they are breached why should they not cancel. In South Africa its a recommendation for operatiors of public transport of buses to write 'How is my driving report me to this number' because the drivers' bad behaviour affects the entire company as a brand. Even if their licences were not cancelled do you think passngers will board their buses just because of that behaviour whether the operators' licences remain valid but people are not **** they won't use their transport they will eventually lose the game to their competitors the only solution is rebranding.

Billboard of public opinion lite 2 weeks ago

Thumps Hon sir Felix mhona, one death is one too many,,, arrogant public transporters must be be given marching orders....

2 weeks ago


5 O levels including MATHS and English for drivers 2 weeks ago

Bus drivers

Chiwenga 2 weeks ago

Vaye ve zupco malicence akatorwa

chasser 2 weeks ago

people report on road crimes so we may realise that these are just people's views wc bring about the judgement

huyo 2 weeks ago

they will simply change name,eg from Rimbi tours to Mbiri bus service kkkkk womudini

Bhabharazi 2 weeks ago


Tateguru 2 weeks ago

While I totally agree with you I think the front driver purposely set up the accident by not even slowing down and indicating his intention to overtake.
When we are in the road we don't just take care our own but other people's safety as well.

2 weeks ago

Tateguru you are spot on before you overtake you indicate your intention to do so and actually check if there is no car which is already in the overtaking lane. Kwete kungoSwitcher lane zvakaitwa naZebra Kiss. Of course driver waRimbi ari wrong asi WeZebra ari wrong futi!

2 weeks ago

Bhabharazi you are a pathetic excuse for a human being, you wake up at an unGodly hour to hail obscenities at people. You miserable little individual, you should have just continued ne"Armed Struggle" yawanga wamukira. You ought to behave

Tateguru 2 weeks ago

While I am totally not happy happy with the conduct of these two bus drivers and their crews I find it not fair to suspend the whole company because of one evil spirited driver.
Did the Minister make consultations with the business and Legal worlds before taking actions?

zvinotangira kukambani 2 weeks ago

gud move, ngavaite order kkumacompany iwaya kuda kuurayisa vanhu nxaaa

Tateguru 2 weeks ago

Ini ndinoshamiswa nevanhu vanoisa ma comments ekutukirira pfungwa dzevamwe nemanzwi asingataurike pamberi pevamwe. Izvi zvinongoratidza unhu nenjere dzemunyori. Idzodzo njere mupengo ndidzo dzinokonzeresa kusvika kutsaona dzakadai.

@tateguru 2 weeks ago

taura hako vanhu vakuru vanotora such hogwash

2 weeks ago

Its mostly one guy who was writing in caps

ndini ndadaro 2 weeks ago

business rino chekeresa ngarivharwe kuurayisa vanhu vasina mhosva

2 weeks ago

They were both wrong because they were driving way beyond the speed limit which is 80km/hr in wide tar roads for public transport.
Inter africa ndoyasara.

Mhona 2 weeks ago

Cancelling the companies licence kunongoita kuti zvityise uye kuti mabus operators and other drivers as well vaone kuti mitemo yemumigwagwa inofanira kutevedzerwa. Izvozvi nemove yaitwa neministry iyi, nhasi kuseni muma company umu shoko guru ranga riri rekuti "vakomana fambai zvakanaka muroad nevabereki" which is what we want. Just check very well, most accidents are due to human error and negligent driving and ma driver acho ukavatsiura unototukwa. So Minister Mhona vagona

2 weeks ago

Hw can a class 2 driver's licence holder drive a public service vehicle lyk a bus which needs a class 1 so mhosva ndeye vakamupinza basa they deserve a ban .......avo varikuti road idiki pwetere you are jus confused cz ndimi same vaiti hatidye road wen refurbishment of roads started Saka musatiitire noise

2 weeks ago

Ini handina hangu kumboona cancellation ndanzwa suspension so that they will bounce back vagadzirisa ma issues cited by the findings of the ministry.

2 weeks ago

This is a good analysis, free from emotions, looking at facts as they are

Tk 2 weeks ago

Kwasara rev peter we gd zupco and gudo guru re inter africa daily buses dzinoenda masvingo vanomhanya zvisingsite and vanopinda pari risk nevanhu so revoke malicence ema driver aya asati atikuvadzira vanhu

@ 2 weeks ago

mukumba wakatsika Toyota wish muzaka akauraya 4; mukumba wakatsika vanhu vaifamba netsoka 2pregnant woman ad and child, mukumba wakatsika hwindi muchiredzi, mukumba rakawa paperirendava achidzingirirana ..... asi nanhas .... operational

SWEDEN WIZARD 2 weeks ago

Kana mazogara ukasachekeresa bznss harifambi guys ..🛂

Insanity on the roads 2 weeks ago

The Minister has been too emotional when passing judgement to the offenders and their respective employer's. The operators should seek legal recourse and have their permits and licenses reinstalled. What should have been more prudent to do was to penalize the operators by allowing them to pay heavy fines, revoke the drivers' licences and suspend them from driving say for the next 10 years rather than make whole companies to wind business without notice putting a large number of families into poverty just because of 2 individuals. What the Minister did is outrageous we end up thinking that his decision was politically motivated. Investigations should have been done first and deliberations should also have followed and recommendations made.

1 week ago

Ac munoshanda Kuma bus blaz that was suspension nt cancellation pending investigation n they were issued with findings on those things they need to solve before the suspension lifted

cid 1 week ago

@TK that's very true gudo guru na Zupco zvino flyer imagine vanoenda ku Masvingo makuseni kuma 9 but panochaya 2 O'clock vanenge vadzoka mu Harare,,,iye driver wa gudo guru even boast kuti anofamba zvekuti

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