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FULL TEXT: HCCL Statement On Hwange Underground Coal Fires

FULL TEXT: HCCL Statement On Hwange Underground Coal Fires

Statement by Hwange Colliery Company Limited Managing Director Charles Zinyemba on underground fires.

We wish to draw attention to the Hwange community and the general public at large that Hwange Colliery Company is very much alive to the underground fires in our concessions.

As a precautionary measure, campaigns were and will continue to be carried out in schools and villages.

Tribal elders were engaged to assist in disseminating this information to the villagers.

Communities in close proximity to the affected areas were and will continue to be informed of temporary measures to manage risks such as road diversions to Number 3 village barricading as well as placement of signages at the affected areas.

In addition, HCCL has invested in a drone that has a thermal camera for security purposes and the identification of underground fires.

As part of long-term mitigation measures, Hwange Colliery Company has since contracted a German-based specialist company to assist with necessary interventions.

The organisation is among the best engineering teams in the world who have intervened in coal seam fires such as we are experiencing.

DTM works scheduled to commence in November 2021 were stalled by COVID-19 challenges but are now sure to commence in the first quarter of 2022.

DTM is the only company, which offered its services for managing the fires using modern and cost-effective methods among other companies, which HCCL consulted.

DTM provided the edge through comprehensive solutions to include:

  • subsurface fire detection,
  • location of hotspots,
  • magnetic mapping of underground fires,
  • seismo-acoustic of the fire centres and depth
  • laser scanning of underground cavities
  • crack mapping and rock mechanical analysis
  • planning and supervision of injection campaigns including the type of the injection slurry,
  • devising extinguishing strategies and workflow.

We have confidence that put together, all the above interventions will soon absolutely contain the spontaneous fires, all in the best interest of the Hwange citizenry and related stakeholders.

For and on behalf of Hwange Colliery Company Limited

Dr Charles Zinyemba
HCCL Managing Director

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Kodzo 4 months ago

How did that fire start.
Zvimwe kana zvichinzi zvinoyera, you don't listen.

Ko ma Chinese anongoziva kungomora if we are in danger havabatsiri here.

Let's look for plan A,B and C whilst waiting for the Germans

Is there any means of extinguishing that underground fire because the whole belt of coal in Hwange is going to be burnt and we will be left coal less in Zimbabwe except that little belt in hippo valley estates but if it has connectivity to the Hwange belt, then we will suffer a lot.
Some scientists and geologists must quickly study where the Hwange coal belt is going to quickly see the affected areas before the multitude's gets on danger

They must also study the speed of the fire for the sake of the people who will be included in this danger to leave the place in time

We don't want to repeat the same like what happened in Chimanimani.


unkown 4 months ago

haa ma chinese anenge achitoti zvemoto ndezvenyu ma Zimbabweans

Adv slamey 4 months ago

Thanks very much with the update. So does this mean that the Germany company which you are talking about is the only one across the globe. And lastly does this mean that residents of Hwange would have to remain in danger since you are awaiting for the first quarter of the year to commence. Planning must have options so that incase if another option doesn't materialise or fails you then put another plan or take it into play, are we saying here that vanhu varambe varimunjodzi makamirira ma jerimani Ayo dzimwe dzenguva muchihwanda be covid. Do you treat some scenarios as emergencies or you beleieve in waiting . please be serious act accordingly, swiftly so that lives are not put at risk due to chihwsi hwai chamukuita ichi.

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