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Full Text: Govt Resolves To Pay School Fees For Teachers' Children

Full Text: Govt Resolves To Pay School Fees For Teachers' Children

The Zimbabwean government has said it has resolved to extend allowances to pay school fees for children of teaching parents in both primary and secondary schools.

In a statement seen by Pindula News, the Public Service Commission (PSC) said the facility caters for up to a maximum of three [3] biological children of teaching parents. Reads the statement dated 20 January 2023:

Payment of School Fees Allowances for Children of Teaching Parents

Following engagement in the context of the Joint National Negotiating Council in 2022, Government resolved to extend allowances to pay school fees for children of teaching parents in both primary and secondary schools. The School Fees Allowance facility caters for up to a maximum of three [3] biological children of teaching parents.

After a conscientious process of working out the modalities of operationalising the scheme, Government is pleased to announce that its intended support to teachers in putting their children through school is now well underway.

The Public Service Commission wishes to announce that as at 4th January 2023, the Salary Service Bureau had processed the payment of ZWL$ 827 847 387.81 for 41 194 [forty-one thousand one hundred and ninety-four] children of 18 794 [eighteen thousand, seven hundred and ninety-four] teaching parents under the School Fees Allowance.

Going forward, the Public Service Commission (PSC) wishes to announce the dates by which time the applications for the 2023 school fees allowance reach the PSC District, Provincial or Head Office as follows: –

• 1st term by 30/01/2023

• 2nd term by 15/05/2023

• 3rd term by 11/09/2023

The onus lies with the applicants to ensure that their applications are submitted by the dates indicated. Late applications will not be processed.

A complete application must include the following documents:-

• Completed Application Form

• Certified copy of National Identity Card of the Applicant

• Certified copy/copies of Birth Certificate(s) for biological child/children

• Proof of Enrolment of child/children from the school they attend Government remains committed to ensuring the well-being of all civil servants.

Dr Tsitsi R. Choruma Secretary, Service Commissions

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Ini 2 weeks ago

Ko Inga yegore rapera hamuna kuibhadara

CCC ❎ 2 weeks ago

ZWL$827 847 387.81÷41 194 learners we get ZWL$ 20 096.31 per learner .
ZWL$ 20 096.31 ÷ 1200 converting it to US$ is US$16.74 per learner I school fees yekupi iyoyo. Haaaaaa chaora chinhu ichi

Vote CCC we have a better solution

Führer 2 weeks ago

Ungada urumende yakasvonaka kupfura apa unoiwanepi kana ka CCC hakuna yakadero.

SeeSee 2 weeks ago

Hapana chinhu wangu look maths idzo below
ZWL$827 847 387.81÷41 194 learners we get ZWL$ 20 096.31 per learner .
ZWL$ 20 096.31 ÷ 1200 converting it to US$ is US$16.74 per learner I school fees yekupi iyoyo. Haaaaaa chaora chinhu ichi

Kkkkkk zvo nyadzisa ndo own goal yaitwa ne Zanu Pf

Tintin@seesee 2 weeks ago

👏👏👏 you're t****ugh

SlowActingPoison 2 weeks ago

Iwe Furer usagadzirise mashoko aED. ED akati, "...kana kudenga hauiwani" . Handei tione ZANUPF government against God Almighty's government. Muchati bhuuuuu dota chairo.

Teacher 2 weeks ago

ZWL$827 847 387.81÷41 194 learners we get ZWL$ 20 096.31 per learner .
ZWL$ 20 096.31 ÷ 1200 converting it to US$ is US$16.74 per learner I school fees yekupi iyoyo. Haaaaaa chaora chinhu ichi

Sorojena 2 weeks ago

School fees alone is affordable, tuition fees I think it's not more than 10 Usd the expensive part are levies and general purpose fees. Will the govt pay for all these?

Jojo Tank 2 weeks ago

Never. That will nevèr happen

stallion 2 weeks ago

Hama dzangu musacheuke muridzo yegore rapera haina kubhadhara . Zviri pachena voting buying iyo ngwarayi


2 weeks ago

government shld pay workers enough salaries.aya mahumbwe avari kuita,
pamberi nebhora musango

Teacher 2 weeks ago

I'm a teacher in a school with 17 teachers, about 12 teachers applied for school fees and none of us got anything. This must be cheap propaganda or something because l ve never seen one person who got this so called fees. Remember as teachers we interact. Some thing is definitely wrong here

Zim failed state 2 weeks ago

Vamwe vachipiwa ma US$500 000 others US$350 000

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Join politics & stop complaining!
You want the gvt t do everything f you?

Headmaster 2 weeks ago

Cheap gvt propaganda

2 weeks ago

Not platform related is whatsapp working or buddie is down for whatsapp

Thank you

.. 2 weeks ago

I think it's down I am also having trouble

aaaa 2 weeks ago

use vpn

2 weeks ago

What do i benefit from my labour if i no longer have school going children? The state seeks to promote inequality by paying fees for teacher's children. They should simply give ZWL$60 000 to every civil servant once per term.

Tintin 2 weeks ago

this is emasculating to say the least

naume mlambo 2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

Chaora chinhu ichi. Teachers ngavangopihwa us$540 and they will pay fees for themselves kwete matakanana aya arikuitwa aya.

Youth Isiri YeZanu 2 weeks ago

Pay workers enough money for them to pay for their children at schools of their choice. Teachers also you love just flowing with the flow of the Zanoids filling endless forms paying to photocopy endless documentation requirements for a meagre 20 000, about US16 per term iwe ipapo the true fees you pay is way above that. Dont be used by these Zanoids fight for your labour rights and be paid a respectable salary not this school fees rubbish.

2 weeks ago

Malawi’s Ministry of Tourism has signed a sponsorship deal with the Spanish club Leganes.

The deal will see the “Malawi, The Warm Heart of Africa ” ​​logo visible on the front of the first team’s kits under the rotating ‘main sponsor’ strategy.

The strategy allows different companies to advertise their brands as the club’s “main sponsor” on a rotating basis.

A statement by the Spanish second-tier club reads: “CD Leganés has reached an agreement with the Ministry of Tourism of Malawi to join the rotating ‘main sponsor’ strategy carried out by the club, through which it allows companies from various sectors to have the opportunity to associate with the club and enjoy the notoriety that comes from being a ‘main sponsor’.

“In this way, the logo of “Malawi, The Warm Heart of Africa” will appear on the front of the first team’s kits during the upcoming matches, as well as on different media, both physical and digital. With this agreement, CD Leganés seeks to continue with its international brand expansion strategy.”

The Malawi brand will begin to appear on Leganés shirts in Sunday’s league match against Levante UD at the Butarque Municipal Stadium. Kick-off is at 3 pm CAT.

The deal is similar to that between Rwanda Tourism and Arsenal.

Other African institutes that are sponsoring European teams include Mukuru (Crystal Palace) and Hollywood Bets (Brentford).

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2 weeks ago

Zimbabwe is set to miss several international tournaments this year due to the international ban imposed on ZIFA by FIFA.

The big games include the qualifying campaign for the 2023 Afcon and the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

The Afcon qualifiers are already underway and the Warriors’ disqualification was confirmed in June last year. The games will continue this year without the national team involved.

As for the 2026 World Cup, Zimbabwe face another disqualification if they fail to heed FIFA’s orders to allow the lifting of the sanctions.

The qualifiers are set to start later this year, likely after the end of the Afcon qualifiers.

The senior team could also miss the 2023 COSAFA Cup.

At the club level, no local team is playing in the CAF Champions League and Confederation Cup.

The 2022/23 interclub competitions will end in May before the new season starts in August/September.

Other tournaments the country will miss include the Women’s Champions League and the 2024 WAFCON qualifiers.

Zimbabwe will also be unable to play any friendly match due to the FIFA sanctions.


2 weeks ago

Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri says he will remain at the club despite his side being hit with a 15-point deduction.

The Serie A giants were found guilty of fixing their balance sheets with artificial gains from club transfers.

The Italian Football Federation’s (FIGC) announced the sanction on Friday and also confirmed football bans for the side’s former sporting director Fabio Paratici, who is now Tottenham’s managing director of football, and ex-president Andrea Agnelli and Maurizio Arrivabene.

The point deduction saw Juve drop as low as 10th in Serie A.

Asked if the scandal will impact his future at the club, Allegri said: “I’m the coach of Juventus, and I will remain the coach of Juventus, unless they send me away.

“In difficult times, you have to be good, men, in taking responsibility. When things are going well, we are all good. I’m unable to analyze the severity of -15 in the table. The only thing certain is that we must accept yesterday’s ruling. I repeat: the club with the lawyers have already made the official statement. We have to be silent, very low profile, and do this challenge starting from 22 points.”

Meanwhile, Juventus have since announced that they will appeal against the FIGC’s decision.

In a statement released soon after the ruling, the club confirmed their next move, saying: “The Company awaits the publication of the reasons for the decision and announces as of now the bringing of an appeal to the Sport Guarantee Board (Collegio di Garanzia dello Sport) in accordance with the terms of the Sport Justice Code.”

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Moyo 2 weeks ago

Juve yakambotorerwa fut mapoints ikadzoka kumashanga chaiko

Pindula 2 weeks ago

We are looking for sports editor specifically football, apply using the email below

See 2 weeks ago

This guy is distracting people with sports news

chibadura 2 weeks ago

uri vanhu here iwe kana usingazvifariri Rega kuverenga urikumankidzwa nani

@Chibadura 2 weeks ago

Shut up bro

Jeff Jaret 2 weeks ago

Hi everyone ! Anyone with English Premier League results for matches played today ?

mlambo naume 2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

@Sisi Naume Mlambo, dzirimo here upstairs ?

cid 2 weeks ago

uyu we sport news wakubhowa m,agaro ungati imvura iri mu paperbag iwe nevamwe vako vakukutsigira uchitaura off topic

Mai Noku 2 weeks ago

@cid, ikodzero yako kurenga kuverenga macomments awunenge usingadi, zvakaita senyaya dzebhora (in your case). Just skip what you see as "junk" and move on with your reading. Rega vanofarira bhora vawudzane zvebhora zvayo. Ko iwe unobvei nhai iwe ?

vene venyoka ino 2 weeks ago

toivaka isusu ma Zanu pf guardian of the faith

Fata 2 weeks ago

@Mai Noku,,,think comment section is for commenting the story not posting ,they disturb smooth contributions panyaya vachivhiringidza

champion 2 weeks ago

where are we standing

free education for all
free education only in rural schools

free education fr teachers watwatwatwat

I'm just enjoying it's like that movie without even sense
jkkkk yet it's toooo long

bhidzo 2 weeks ago

people responding to the football posts are the ones distracting the conversation ignore the Zanu pf trolls and goons continue commenting vanoneta chete

false promises 2 weeks ago

free education, my foot!
never trust them politicians!

squealer 2 weeks ago

thank u , dear leader for your thoughtfulness.
if u can please pay the allowance in US$
it's equivalent to $16.
IDI feeeeee!!

Patriot 2 weeks ago

Asi zvitombori nani coz hakuna kwaunoinonga mari iyoyo

Patriot 2 weeks ago

plus pachaitwa ma negotiations and it will be reviewed very soon.

urikupuhwei neZanu 2 weeks ago

chandinoziva haufe wakabuda pachena kuhama neshamwari basa rawurikuitiswa iri neZanu

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