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Free Education Policy Won't Benefit Everyone In 2023 - Govt

Free Education Policy Won't Benefit Everyone In 2023 - Govt

The government says it will gradually start implementing its State-funded free education policy when schools open for the first term next week.

Speaking in an interview with State media on Tuesday, Primary and Secondary Education Deputy Minister Edgar Moyo said:

The free education effort is not starting this year. It has been building up for some time. As for Matabeleland South, I know that two districts, Mangwe and Beitbridge pioneered the issue of free education and it was two districts across the country’s rural provinces where Government was fully paying for learners.

In our statement last year, we highlighted that it is not going to be everyone who will be covered. It is going to be a phased approach, beginning with the most disadvantaged communities classified under our systems and coded as P3, which are the rural primary schools, and S3, rural secondary schools.

Our efforts are going to be targeted at those areas and gradually we are going to realise full State-funded education. We have started through BEAM and the pilot program where two districts were covered.

We will gradually begin, with the most disadvantaged schools and move up the ladder until we are able to cover the whole population.

The government already subsides the payment of Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (ZIMSEC) registration fees by up to 55 percent for every learner while fully paying the fees for those pupils under BEAM.

Around two million disadvantaged learners’ fees are paid for under the Basic Education Assistance Module (BEAM) from the estimated 6.7 million pupil population. | Chronicle

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1 month ago

Nhamo kkkkkk

Dofo 1 month ago

Musataura zvamusingazogoni veduwe

Mudzidzisi 1 month ago

If 2 million learners cant afford paying school fees, it says a lot about our economic situation. BAD

poorly paid civil servant 1 month ago

well said

People 1 month ago

Confusion only free education in 2023 or not. ZANU is just confused. Trying to win votes. Vote CCC

Mafirakureva 1 month ago

No it's not confusion. It is a well covered scheme to dupe people into believing that ZANU is actually making inroads into free education. Surely if the scheme was in place in the two districts, we would have been informed ad nauseam about it, and el Presidente would have commissioned it with state media in full attendance.

Now tell me who is going to Mangwe and Beitbridge to verify this assertion? Anyone attempting that exercise will be pushed from pilar to post in search of the phantom.

Who is going to go to which part of Mangwe or any other village ngale emaguswini to check if the Deputy Monster stretched the truth to breaking point?

Spare us the electoral gimmicks please. Pilot schemes since 2018?

Vote CCC stop liars 1 month ago

Vote anything but ZANU

Goebells 1 month ago

😁 never trust them politicians
they never do what they promise...

Fred 1 month ago

We knew it remember this was promised in 2018.Free education then the gvt forgot. It's for political mileage. F, o, o, l s will believe ZANU. We know ZANU it's one lie after another

Apolitcal Citizen 1 month ago

Kunyeba cheeete kkkk... Bt zanu pf will not step down anytime soon whether we vote or not. Why, because they cant hand over power before they loot the oil in Muzarabani and the Lithium.. They will opt for a war if they loose, mark my words. 📍

Political 1 month ago

The decision to go to war may not work in their favour.

Zuze 1 month ago

@Political, ir they will die trying


1 month ago

First give teachers a living salary before attempting bigger issues. Teachers have said that they will embark on industrial action due to low salaries...... Pay teachers first

1 month ago

All civil servants need living wages not teachers alone

Jah 🇿🇼 Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

It's much better to vote for free education campaign than to vote for high municipality bills

Vesto 1 month ago

There goes another brainwashed duu tuu. How do you want services without paying for them?

ZANU government is taxing us to the point of emaciation and we don't see value for our taxes. All we see is ZANU extending half-a-billion dollar loans to themselves with a snowball's chance in hell of repayment and installation of overpriced solar systems at our expense.

How do you explain Pomonagate Scandal? US$23,000 per day for nothing. @Jah, weed is getting to your brain.

1 month ago

This @jah is brain dead.

Doug 1 month ago

It's not free education if it doesn't benefit everyone. It will only be free of those who feel they have the money can be afforded the opportunity to opt out.

i****t 1 month ago

Stupid ZANU PF. You thought 2023 haisviki

i****t 1 month ago

Stupid ZANU PF. You thought 2023 haisviki

jojola 1 month ago

dzimwe nzendo taurai madzoka

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