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Four Die In Road Accident On Christmas Eve

Four Die In Road Accident On Christmas Eve

Four people died in a road traffic accident along the Chivhu-Nyazura Road on Christmas Eve.

Police said the accident occurred around 7.30 PM when the driver of a Toyota Rav 4 with seven passengers on board collided head-on with a Hino truck. Reads a police report:

The ZRP confirms a fatal road traffic accident that occurred at the 111km peg along Chivhu-Nyazura Road on 24/12/22 at 1930 hours.

A motorist, who was driving a Toyota Rav 4 vehicle towards Chivhu with seven passengers on board, collided head-on with a Hino truck resulting in the death of four people.

Police said two people died on the spot, while two others died along the way to the hospital.

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farai 1 month ago

shame died on Christmas Eve,mtsrip

magogo 1 month ago

shame rest in peace

dzungu 1 month ago

upenyu it's not playing game kt ndikatadza ndodzokorora keep life safely

Machiavelli 1 month ago

Mwari pindirayi. MTDSRIP

Car phobia 1 month ago

Avoid driving at night,wear a helmet yes a helmet.always wear fire proof clothes yes 🔥 proof clothes .carry your own jaws of life yes jaws of life . don't forget a first aid kit plus medical aid,fire extinguisher.if possible drive only strong armoured cars
like those us army hammer cars used in iraq.above all DRIVE SLOWLY.

Car phobia 1 month ago

People should simple avoid traveling during the festive season, except for emergencies.Our roads are not good at all,we don't have ambulances, people should understand that.
to those traveling please try to drive slow.
My condolences.

Ava 1 month ago

Vatonyura havo regai isu tizviraramire tine care ne life yedu


Machiavelli 1 month ago

This is a CCC plot to discredit ZANU.
All Yellow vehicles must be impounded

Dofo 1 month ago

@Car phobia ,,,have u ever see a driver wearing a helmet,,,i doubt even kuti highway code ine section yakadaro

1 month ago

Chero shiri inongofaa ....
Vnhu vanenge varibishi kutiza mwena (misingwi) yemutara guys.....😂😂😂😂😂

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