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FORUS Party Zimbabwe Accuses Chamisa And CCC Of Being Copycats

FORUS Party Zimbabwe Accuses Chamisa And CCC Of Being Copycats

FORUS Party Zimbabwe led by Irene Meyenziwa has accused Nelson Chamisa, the leader of the newly-formed Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) of being a copycat saying he took their colours. Pindula News presents the party’s statement:

FORUS Party Zimbabwe has no problem with Nelson Chamisa leaving the MDC Alliance to launch a new party.

In a democracy, people are allowed to have divergent views and different affiliations. Our only problem with Chamisa’s new party emanates from the colors which are definitely ours, yellow, gold and blue as shown in these pictures.

President Manyara Irene Muyenziwa and Nelson Chamisa

FORUS Party creatively came up with these colors and never thought another political party would ‘steal’ its colors. We expected Chamisa and his new party to be as creative as possible if they are to be taken seriously.

FORUS Party will not tolerate people who tamper with its brand. FORUS will remain open to people who genuinely want to join the party to collectively build the nation.

Copycats are unavoidable, but FORUS party’s politics of policies will be the difference between achieving continued success and becoming a one-hit-wonder. In Shona, they say, “Vanamurondatsimba havakohwe”.

When those who pluggerize ideas and symbols come out, FORUS party knows that they are doing something right. They can’t copy our philosophy, policy implementing tact or service delivery ethics or the values that we carry as we empower our people and deliver our promises.

We shall stay focused on our own growth, empowering our loyal membership and the new experiences of change mindset campaign and forget about rest who are following behind and stealing our FORUS colors themes and branding.

The more copycats we have, the bigger our followers and those who subscribe to our ideaological path.

FORUS is an inclusive liberal party with a transformational, social and economic agenda that promotes equal opportunities and a fair distribution of income in a transparent manner.

Our interest and focus is that of building the nation of Zimbabwe and pursue national interest of constitutionalism, governance, institutional reforms.

Freedom Of Rights Under Sovereign’s aim is to see a free and open society where there is a balance on the basic fundamental human rights, where there is a guarantee that no one will be enslaved by poverty, corruption or violence.

Our party values peace, prosperity and the citizens’ diversity understanding that our role is to nurture citizens to meaningfully contribute nation building.

FORUS party pledges to stick to core values which are: Deligence, Social Justice, Transparency, Freedom of Rights, Equality and Accountability.

FORUS Kunembo!!

FORUS – Moving Forward!!

FORUS -Qhubekela Phambili!!

FORUS- Handei Mberi!!

FORUS – Patsogolo!!

FORUS – Hambai Mberi!!

Re gatela pele Forus!!

NaAmai tinopinda chete!!

Victory Is Guaranteed, Victory is Certain naAmai MIM!!

The truth to Power belongs to you the voter.

Register To Vote FORUS Party in 2023

FORUS The Party of Choice!!

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